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A Chrome Extension for Medium: (Medium Writer’s Stories)

Yumod Medium Extension

Me as a person using Medium a lot, one of the biggest problem while reading a story of an author is that I am not able to access other stories written by the author quickly.

1. List Medium Authors all Stories

Thus, we considered developing a chrome extension for this particular case. The extension is ready to use. You can install extension using this link . If you like the story, we’d like you to share it so that people can try and benefit as well.

Yumod Medium Extension

2. Access Medium Followers/Followings

How to see medium writers all followers at one glance. You wonder a user in her/his follower list. How to search. It’s possible now. I add new capabilities to Yumod Chrome Extension.

  • Step1. You can easily Add to Chrome from Chrome Web Store
  • Step2. Go to any medium stories in medium.com . and click extension
  • Step3. You can see all the stories of user. You can search or sort according to claps count.
  • Step4. Here is the new feature. You can click Followers count and see all followers at on glance.
Yumod Chrome Extension

Okumaya Devam Et 😃

Bu yazının devamı veya yazı grubundaki diğer yazılara (Geliştirici Araçları) erişmek için bu linke tıklayabilirsiniz.



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