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Oct 25 · 4 min read

Welcome to our first official Zentoshi Newsletter, traditionally our newsletters will contain the achievements and progress we have made for the previous month along with our goals and targets for the month to come. However, seeing as how this is the first newsletter we are sending out we have decided to do an update on the entire project.

In October 2018 we began building a team to fulfill our vision, we also finalized ourselves as a registered LLC out of Wyoming, USA. For the next few months we began to expand into website and coin creation. However, the Zentoshi vision expanded in early 2019, as a LLC Zentoshi became a for profit company with a financial mission in mind, and an obligation to help the community we all know and love.

Shortly after the finalization of our LLC, our in house developer Barry was able to create one of the first Masternode coins built on Bitcoin Core V0.18, which was a huge step for us. Most coins fork PIVX which is based on Bitcoin Core V0.10 which is 8 versions behind the latest version of Bitcoin. This can cause a host of problems as it relates to stability and performance of the blockchain system. By using the latest version of Bitcoin and using DASH Masternode technology stack, we can guarantee the best overall experience when utilizing our blockchain. After we accomplished this big step the team decided that we would be implementing Dash Evo with Deterministic Masternodes alongside the project, which we were successful in. Also in the process we are the worlds first to create a blockchain using this combination of technology. Dash Evo and Deterministic Masternodes enabled us to alleviate the double spend issue when a masternode gets compensated on the network. In rare but frequent cases older versions of Dash would pay masternodes a double payment when it should only receive one. This technology also reduces the bandwidth required for our network to communicate making our blockchain more economical from a resource view. Thank you Barry. We will soon be ready to deploy our wallets and people will be able to get setup and start mining Zentoshi and setup masternodes on mainnet.

Preview of the upcoming Zentoshi Wallet

SunnyNode, our VPS hosting site was taken down for maintenance to create a fully optimized, affordable, and reliable service. SunnyNode is Zentoshi’s hub for hosting services such as dedicated servers, web hosting, VPS’s and much more. SunnyNode provides a real world use case for Zentoshi and will be available from Day 1 of Zentoshi Coin’s launch.

We have just released our fully designed Whitepaper which you can check out on the links below. The Whitepaper fully lays out the scale and ambition of the Zentoshi project. The team members involved with the creation of it could hardly contain themselves with excitement due to the style and top shelf level of design and effort that went into the whitepaper - thank you Arcane. The article also contains a short interview with our founders so check it out.

Article — https://medium.com/zentoshi/zentoshi-news-whitepaper-release-and-founder-interview-926aec2cce01

High Quality Version 222MB — https://zentoshi.com/media/Zentoshi-Whitepaper.pdf

Standard Quality 3MB — https://www.zentoshi.com/media/Zentoshi-Whitepaper-SD.pdf

We have also announced our launch schedule and published an article detailing our releases:

  • October 24th — Whitepaper Release.
  • October 25th — First Newsletter will be released.
  • October 27th — Bitcoin Talk Announcement Thread Release.
  • November 1st — Public Testnet Launch.
  • November 1st — Release of our Social Media Campaign.
  • November 2nd — Begin our 5 Day Countdown Campaign to Launch.
  • November 7th — Zentoshi Official Launch.
  • November 8th — Sunnynode.com Launch.

Article — https://medium.com/zentoshi/zentoshi-launch-schedule-f30af856c6ea

We also completed a video giving insight into the Zentoshi microcosm and the announcement of a rebranded Masternode. Unlike many other Masternode projects where the Masternodes don’t have any real usecases ZentoshiNodes will have a real world usecase from Day 1 of release.

Cloud GSP, our automated service that provides game server hosting powered by ZentoshiNodes is under way and we expect to be ready for launch very soon. Zentoshi freelance our platform that seeks to bring business professionalism to the crypto freelance marketplace is around the corner and Zentoshi VIP is nearing completion.

It truly is an exciting time for Zentoshi and we would like you to share in it, we welcome you into the Zentoshi microcosm and may you find your way as a Zentopian.

Thank you from the Zentoshi team.

Make sure to follow us on our various social channels to stay up to date with the latest news and developments from Zentoshi and our partners.


Official Zentoshi Page

Zentoshi Official

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Official Zentoshi Page

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