Earn ongoing passive income from ZeroCarbon token rewards

We have received enquiries about how ZeroCarbon token rewards can be earned on an ongoing basis to form a passive income stream.

These enquiries follow our previous article explaining our first year rewards, which can be read here https://medium.com/zero-carbon-project/zero-carbon-project-improves-reward-scheme-from-trial-period-insights-be6120c03cd3

Each year the token rewards earned for consuming zero carbon energy reduces by about 27% compared to the previous year. The reasoning is that less rewards are required to provide a catalyst if zero carbon energy costs fall each year as technology improves; and token prices may increase if more customers join the Project.

Following on from the token reward article, linked above, year 1 rewards of 900 tokens will fall to 588 tokens in year 2, to 486 tokens in year 3 and so on.

Year 2 consumption reward maths

For those interesting in the maths, year 2 ZeroCarbon token rewards are calculated as follows:

· No rewards for registration or first purchase, down from 100 tokens in year 1.

· Consumption reward requirement increases 20% from 100kWh/token to 120kWh/token. Therefore, basic consumption reward will reduce to 41.67 tokens, down from 50 tokens in year 1.

· Launch trial bonus based on 3x will remain the same. Therefore, 125 tokens extra rewards, down from 150 tokens in year 1.

· The referral reward bonus will reduce by 20% to 2.5 (3/1.2) x consumption rewards. Therefore, 417 referral reward bonus tokens, down from 600 in year 1.

Ongoing rewards from referrals

Additional referral reward tokens can be earned for referrals made in the previous years that are renewed using the Zero Carbon Market this year, along with any new referrals. Based on the above calculations, referral reward bonuses earned during year 2 will be 583 tokens, down from 800 tokens. In year 3 the rewards will be reduced to 486 tokens.

Joining the Zero Carbon Project

To register with Zero Carbon Project to earn income for helping tackle climate change click on this link to ensure you receive your referral reward bonus https://market.zerocarbonproject.com/register/tEOmK55D