Zeux update: October 2018

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In our last update on our activities in September, we announced our partnership with Cobinhood and our global roadshow to take Zeux to the wider world. Things didn’t slow down for us in October and here we outline some of our key activities and achievement from over the past four weeks.

In summary 
Andrew Dawson, Zeux Advisor, reflects on the impact Zeux made at a PayExpo 2018 in London, we explain how we hit a key milestone, being officially listed on the FCA Register, and put the spotlight on our expert Advisory Team.
Now let’s dive a little deeper and look at the latest and greatest from over the past four weeks…
Shaping the future at PayExpo and building game-changing partnerships
On 9 and 10 October, we attended PayExpo in London and over the course of these two days, the Zeux stand attracted significant interest. Andrew Dawson provides insight into the event: “Many people are interested in its use for both personal use and commercial partnership. We are excited by the prospect of unleashing our app to the UK market and changing the way people manage their finances to get more from their money”.

Our founder and CEO, Frank Zhou, provided another keynotes speech and interview where he highlighted the material trends transforming the payments industry which you can see for yourself on our YouTube channel. Reflecting on the speech, Andrew says: “Frank [has] affirmed Zeux as the only solution that can meet the requirements of consumers in one place”. 
FCA Register 
This month, we hit a key milestone and are now listed on the FCA Register, view here. This is important to us because our reputation and integrity is everything. Being authorised means that there is no regulatory uncertainty of the business we are going to operate. This is great news for everyone: our business, investors and customers.
We’d like to thank John Burns, one of our key Advisors for his tremendous support in our applications for FCA authorisation. John continues to lead Zeux on all compliance related matters.
Meet our Advisors
We’d also like to shine a light on a recent article we published on our Advisory Team. As a nimble fintech , we move at pace but we’re lucky enough to have a significant and diversified team of Advisors, guiding us on our adventure. Find out what excites them the most about working with Zeux. There’s a lot they’re looking forward to as we launch early next year. Read about it here.

It’s not long until we officially launch and we’re excited to take you on the journey with us. Stay tuned for our update next month, and everything in-between.

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