Zippie partners with Blacture to create the first blockchain smartphone in the US

It’s only May 3rd and it’s already been a marvellous month for us — we’ve launched Zippie Alpha, and our token ZIPT is now available on the Bancor Network™. Plus, we’ve launched the Zippie Card and community program social bounty. Now we can add one more piece of good news to that list: a partnership with Blacture to create the first blockchain-powered smartphone for the US market. Things just keep getting better and better!

Blacture is a tech platform dedicated to uplifting the Black community through economic empowerment. The project, led by Grammy and Emmy award-winning entertainer and humanitarian Pras Michel, aims to begin a new era in Black culture through technology, education and other resources.

At the launch of the US’s first blockchain smartphone with Blacture CEO Terrell Canton and Pras Michel

As part of this mission, users of the Blacture smartphone will be among the first in the US to take control of their digital identity and start earning from their data. Available this autumn, the smartphone will come equipped with Zippie OS, letting users earn tokens when making purchases, sharing their data, or growing the Blacture community.

Nowadays people make most of their daily online purchases with their smartphones, and their lifetime value as customers can be tenfold compared to the price they paid for the phone. Blockchain technology enables us to return part of that value to smartphone users, by making it easier for users to do direct payments and get rewarded with tokens. So, we’re really excited to be part of the Blacture movement and bring this new blockchain smartphone to life.

Needless to say, we’re all thrilled about this. Like Blacture, we envision a decentralized world where everyone can regain control of their digital life and have access to life-empowering tech. With the power of the blockchain behind it, the Blacture smartphone can help turn this vision into reality.

Stay tuned for more information! In the meantime, check out They will be posting more information about specifications and the release in the near future.