Make health care great together: HRC 4/100

1 August, 2016 | Index

Dear Hillary Clinton,

Wow, it’s August already. Can you believe it? I remember when we were making New Year’s resolutions and saying good riddance to 2015 because it was such a horrible year. We looked forward to 2016 because it was fresh and new. We were going to be great.

As a reminder — if this is the first letter you are reading — I’m writing 100 letters to you, one for each day until Election Day on November 8, 2016. I’m also posting them on Medium at This is 4/100.

In my letter yesterday I mentioned a number; $124,800.00. This is a very conservative calculation; hard-earned cash I will pay for health insurance premiums alone for exactly zero hours of actual health care before I reach Medicare age.

The ACA now guarantees I can buy a policy, that Anthem BC/BS of Ohio can’t kick me off — though I don’t know who I would call if they did, neither does Sen. Brown or his Constituent Liaison, Brad Deane, who called my questions “rhetorical.” Because of the IRS penalties penalty provision and family obligations, I can no longer legally choose to be without insurance.

I am stuck with:
· going broke by paying premiums and my max OOP
· dying prematurely or
· fighting the IRS indefinitely over penalties, fees and forfeiture

None of these are good options, but that is the rest of my life on the status quo. We can’t afford the status quo. We must migrate to Universal Health Care now. Tomorrow, we’ll talk about another number; 29%

Let’s make health care great together.


Gerard McLean

cc: Sen. Sherrod Brown