100 word stories

one photo. one hundred words. one story.

shipping out

The woman had one of those old fashioned cameras, the kind that spits the picture out immediately. He thought how simultaneously archaic and futuristic that was. She shook the…

someone left the cake out in the rain

She stands inside the door looking out at a vengeful summer storm. The withered decorations look like melting cake through the beveled glass and she…

the beaten path

You’re not the first person to walk here. Ridges and crevices have already been carved out by people careless as they were heartless. What used to be smooth, unbroken land has…

in search of

They searched for hope in the river.

They stripped off their clothes on the shore.

They searched the banks, the mud, the tall grass and the…


We’re all just looking for shelter. We need to get out of the rain, find a canopy that protects us. We’ll find some thin covering and pretend it’s not full of holes that let in the cold…

something close to empty

The sky is an unbroken sea of space. An artist’s brush has painted it something close to empty, a nothingness that lies flat and undisturbed and makes her think of…

open areas

We make our first tracks and stop short when we realize what we’re doing.

Beyond here is unchartered, unmarked, unnamed.

night lights

She can’t sleep so she stands at the window, watching lights flicker on and off in other buildings. She imagines it’s all a complicated code that unlocks the secrets of the night.

the quiet things

They don’t say much on the drive. She leans against the passenger door, eyes shut. His eyes are on the road, his head somewhere else.

like old bones

There are clawed, bony hands reaching inside her, scratching and digging to get at places she thought she kept hidden. Fingers prod and pull, twisting around memories and winding…

where were we

In the end, we’re only a collection of our symbols. We strip ourselves of everything soft, we discard our intangibles, we shove our voices and our weaknesses aside and when we…

is this all there is

They’re just going around and around, looking at the same scenery over and over, having the same conversations, sleeping in the same positions.

cities in dust

We live in different times. Your colors are different, your shades are bleached in nostalgia, your windows reflect things that happened long ago. My sunlight is not yours. In my…

keep swimming

Keep swimming. There’s always another side. You keep swimming until you reach it.

What if my arms get tired before then? What if I tread water too long and

it wasn’t always like this

Eventually there will be just one of us left in the picture, standing there alone with a look of surprise on our face as if this wasn’t expected. The frame will…

still we stand

We slowly shed everything beautiful. We lose the grip on all that is vibrant and wondrous and we watch the best things about us do a slow dance through the air, tumbling…

while you were sleeping

While you were sleeping I walked outside. While you dreamed I sat under the sky and watched the dark fight for its space with the light. The light eventually won out…


There’s a world where everything’s barren, where the wind blows remnants of lives around like pieces of dirt. The wind is unrelenting and there’s always pieces of someone’s heart or the…


A soft frost covers everything at first, thin powder that stretches across the surface of her life. It collects like frozen dust on layers that have gone unused and she thinks she’ll never…

you are an airplane

“It’s the going up,” she says. “Taking your feet off the ground, letting someone else lift and carry you, that’s hard.”

100 word stories
100 word stories

one photo. one hundred words. one story.

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