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2key Patents Explained: Part 2

This article is part of 2key’s “Patent Insight” series, which offers a deeper grasp of our patents. Each of 2key’s patents covers a technological advancement in cryptography which either enables, secures, or operates Smart Links or aspects of the 2key Protocol.

The previous article of this series covered a patent that enables Smart Links to offer all aspects — and more — that a normal web link has, making the use of them not only smoothly integratable into the wider web, but highly desirable for marketing campaigns.

This piece will focus on a patent that protects intellectual property that enables a Smart Link to fulfill its functionality: everything from user tracking to reward distribution.

Patent Insight


Filing: US62/659,645 and PCT/US2019/028212 | Date: 4/18/2019

Type: US and worldwide provisional patent application

2key Network’s Global Referral Network is designed to allow easy onboarding into the decentralized web by issuing users a browser wallet, along with the conversion of the browser into a node, the moment they click on a Smart Link.

Various novel blockchain-enabled solutions are leveraged to create the Smart Link and thus, this patent protects the cryptography of Smart Links.

This patent also covers the IP that enables the use of ARCs (Activation Referral Contracts) for managing 2key Smart Links in smart contracts. ARCs are created at the onset of a campaign and are used to refer users or become a referred user; ARCs are a fundamental part of provable actions that enable 2key to build a decentralized multi-step referral network.

Multi-step referral networks involve various smart contracts, including those that handle the optimized distribution of rewards; the distribution value is twined with the algorithm that takes into account various factors of a user that was part of a link chain that led to a referral.

Some of the factors accounted by the algorithm are staked 2KEY tokens, the campaign type chosen by the contractor, and the extremely important reputation system. The algorithmic method used in reward distribution along with all the smart contracts involved in the launch of a 2key Network campaign are also protected by this patent.

This is the ninth article in 2key’s 1-Month of Content.

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We invite you to have a firsthand experience of our breakthrough solution — Smart Links — on our testnet (https://test.2key.io/); you can be the pioneering drive in the first feasible solution in the scramble to decentralize the web.



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