Exporting Your Keys from Syscoin-QT 2.x or Blockmarket Desktop 1.x

For first-time use instructions, please see Using Blockmarket Desktop 3.0 for the First Time.

This procedure will help you export (or “dump”) your existing Syscoin 2 wallet via Blockmarket 1.2.3 or QT 2.1.6 into your public folder.

Open either Blockmarket 1.2.3 or Syscoin-QT 2.1.6 and unlock the wallet. Syncing is not required for these steps.

From Blockmarket 1.x

  1. Open the console by clicking the “person” icon in the upper right, and selecting “Console.”
Finding the Console on Blockmarket Desktop 3.0.

2. Scroll down to the /dumpwallet command and click on the blue ‘Get’ button.

3. Click on the white “Try It Out” button.

Using the dumpwallet function on Blockmarket Desktop 1.2.3.

4. In the “filename” section enter the following:
 Windows Users:


MAC Users:


(for Mac users, replace the [USERNAME] portion with the home folder name you set for your Mac.)

For Windows Users, enter: C:\Users\Public\sys2dump.bmwalletdump
 For MAC Users, enter: /Users/[USERNAME]/Public/sys2dump.bmwalletdump

5. Press ‘‘Execute’’. When successful, you will see “Null” in the response body.

From Syscoin-QT 2.1.6

  1. Open Syscoin-QT 2.1.6. Click on the “Help” menu, then select “Debug Window”.
Click on the Help Menu, select the “Debug Window” option.

2. Click on the “Console” tab and unlock your wallet by typing the following, and replacing ‘YOUR PASSWORD’ with your password:

walletpassphrase 'YOUR PASSWORD' 12

3. Then dump your wallet to a text file by typing:

For Windows:

dumpwallet "C:\Users\Public\sys2dump.bmwalletdump"

For Mac:

dumpwallet "/Users/[USERNAME]/Public/sys2dump.bmwalletdum"
Typing Commands into the Syscoin-QT 2.1.6 Console.

You’re done! Now to check your work:


Navigate to C:\Users\Public
You will see the “sys2dump.bmwalletdump”


Navigate to /Users/[USERNAME]/Public/.
You will see the ‘sys2dump.bmwalletdump’ file.

You can now close Blockmarket 1.2.3 or Syscoin-QT 2.1.6

Export Complete!

The next step is to import the keys you have generated to the new Blockmarket Desktop 3.0. Follow our Importing your keys from Syscoin-QT 2.x or Blockmarket Desktop 1.x to Blockmarket Desktop 3.0 instructions to proceed.

Need help? Join the Syscoin Slack #help channel for troubleshooting support. If you aren’t on the Syscoin Slack yet, follow instructions at http://join.syscoin.org