🤝🎉 We are proud to announce another partnership. This time with SOLIDProof. 🎉🤝

SOLIDproof has provided the Defi space with security and auditing of projects. With their excellent customer service and continued support to ensure the defi space is secure we are sure they will continue to provide these excellent services on cumarket now and grow together with Celestial Unity. 🔥

For Celestial Unity this means all the SOLIDproof customers on will have access to the services on Celestial Unity´s market providing 100% money back guarantee on the services listed. https://cumarket.app/ ✍️

Celestial Unity will provide new partnerships with safe companys that supports our project and market.

Join the Unity and together we grow 🪐 🚀

💬 Telegram SOLIDproof: https://t.me/solidproof
💻Website SOLIDproof: https://solidproof.io/

💬 Telegram Celestial Unity: https://t.me/CelestialUnity
💻Website Celestial Unity: https://celestialunity.com/
⚖️ CUmarket: https://cumarket.app/

🤝🎉 Partnership announcement 🎉🤝

We are proud to announce we recently partnered with Uptrend. 🔥

Uptrend is a social media influencer based marketing platform connecting project´s to their micro and macro influencer´s.

For Celestial Unity this means all the Uptrend customers will have access to the services on Celestial Unity´s…

Hi Everyone,

I have some great news

The following has been confirmed.

🚀 Presale Date — Has been Confirmed for the 28th of January !!🚀

✅ Presale Launchpad — Pink Sale✅
✅ Launch date: 24–48 hours after✅
✅ SC-HC 250- 500BNB✅
✅ Min-max contribution: 0.1–1bnb✅
✅ Presale Price — 600,000 Per 1 BNB✅
✅ Pancake swap Listing 540,000 Per 1 BNB✅

✅ KYC 💵
✅ Australian Registered Company 💵
✅ Terms of Use and legal document established, whitepaper💵

Celestial Unity

Celestial Unity

Celestial Unity Token that rewards holders by providing continued self-growth without volume and through its unique ecosystem of innovative products