CryptoAlpaca: Beginner’s Guide

CryptoAlpaca is a decentralized pet-raising simulation game, in which you can adopt your very own alpacas and breed brand-new offsprings. Besides, you can even get rewards by feeding alpacas everyday. It is a well-designed 2.0 crypto game, with the goal of pushing the boundaries of crypto games (Know more about Crypto Game 2.0 here).

Checklist before playing CryptoAlpaca

Here’s what you need to get started:

1.Register an account at CryptoAlpaca

Go to and register an account. We make the website works on both PC and mobile, so that you can check it anytime anywhere you want. (Google Chrome browser is recommended here, we’re trying best to make other browsers compatible ASAP)

2. Deposit digital currencies to your CryptoAlpaca wallet

After registration, you’ll get a CryptoAlpaca wallet. Deposit digital currencies into the wallet to play the game. We now support ETH, and will add more in the future.

Ensure you have digital currencies before you start the game. You can get them from digital currency exchanges (e.g., Coinbase).

Get your first CryptoAlpaca

There're 2 ways you can get a CryptoAlpaca: Auction and Purchase. You can get alpacas of generation 0 through public auction (generation 0 is created regularly with a limited number), while get other generations by purchasing from others on the Market. A Market is where people can buy or sell alpacas. The value of an alpaca is determined by lots of factors: generation, horoscope, appearance, attributes and so on.

Each CryptoAlpaca has unique appearance, which is determined by its genes. An alpaca’s genes are determined by its parents’genes when it’s born. Besides, it has 2 attributes: Charisma, Intimacy. We’ll talk about those attributes later.

Now, let’s find the alpaca you love and go get it!

A rainbow CryptoAlpaca

Get rewards by feeding and shearing

Once you get the first CryptoAlpaca, you can shear Wool from it by feeding it Grass. Wool can be converted into digital currencies, and that’s your rewards for raising alpacas, just as how it works in the real world! In the game, 1 Grass = 1 Wool = X ETH (X = 0.002, we may change this value if the price of ETH inflates too much, the goal is to keep the game’s entrance fee reasonable and attract more players).

Each day (in UTC), you can feed each alpaca Grass, and you’ll have chances to shear Wool of different amounts in the next day. For Grass fed in one day, all of them will be converted into Wool. And for Wool, there’re 2 kinds: Lucky Wool and Intimate Wool. The amounts of wool are allocated as follows: Total Wool = Total Lucky Wool (TLW) + Total Intimate Wool (TIW) + Rolling Wool(RW). TLW/TW = 52%, TIW/TW = 44%, and the remaining 4%(RW) will be accumulated into the future (1% for the next day, 3% for next Saturday).

1.Lucky Wool

Amounts of sheared Lucky Wool is determined by Horoscope. Each alpaca has a horoscope when it’s born. And each day, if the alpaca has been fed grass and its horoscope is the same as the Lucky Horoscope, we call this alpaca a Lucky Alpaca (To know more about how Lucky Horoscope is generated, please read our Redpaper). While Lucky Alpaca can generate the most wool, other alpacas will also generate wool, yet less than the Lucky Alpaca.

2. Intimate Wool

Intimate Wool is determined by the intimacy between player and alpacas. Every alpaca has an attribute called Charisma, whose value is fixed when the alpaca is born. Each day, when players feed the alpaca, the intimacy will increase by the value of Charisma. e.g., we have an alpaca called X, X(charisma) = 130, X(old intimacy) = 260, if player feeds X that day, X(new intimacy) = A(old intimacy) + X(charisma) = 260+130 = 390.

Each day, all alpacas will generate wool if you have fed them that. And alpacas with higher intimacy (if two alpacas have the same intimacy, the alpaca with lower generation will rank higher) will generate more intimate wool. The total intimate wool is 44% of the total wool generated that day.

3. Shearing Tax and Charity Value

Every time when you shear wool from alpacas, you’ll be charged for Shearing Tax (7%). However, players with higher Charity value can get lower Shearing Tax.

Shearing Tax

In order to get a higher Charity Value, you can Release the alpacas you keep. Every time you release an alpaca, your Charity value will increase(a random integer from 1 to 15). Yet, be careful when you release an alpaca. Once an alpaca is released, it’ll go back to the nature and it can never be purchased back.

4. Happy Shearing Day

We call every Saturday (in UTC) a Happy Shearing Day, because there’ll be more wool generated this day (original wool + accumulation of 3% from previous 7 days).

Feed and Shear!

Breed a new CryptoAlpaca

Alpacas are conquering the world! Let’s breed more :P

Yet, before you start, read the rules below:


An CryptoAlpaca can breed with other CryptoAlpacas by acting as Dad or Mom. Mom CryptoAlpaca will get the child CryptoAlpaca, and Dad CryptoAlpaca will get breeding fees from Mom CryptoAlpaca.


A newly-born CryptoAlpaca’s generation will be determined by its parents.

Gen(Child) = Max[ Gen(Dad), Mom(Mom)] + 1


Gen(Dad) = 3, Gen(Mom) =2, Gen(Child) = 3+1 = 4

Gen(Dad) = 0, Gen(Mom) =2, Gen(Child) = 2+1 = 3

Gen(Dad) = 0, Gen(Mom) =0, Gen(Child) = 0+1 = 1

3.Number of Max Breeding times

The number of max breeding times is determined by the generation of the Alpaca. Gen0 Aplaca can breed 6 times, while generation increases 1, number of max breeding times will decrease 1. Generations after 4 will all have 2 max breeding times. So, Gen0 = 6, Gen1 = 5, Gen2 = 4, Gen3 = 3, Gen4 = 2, Gen5 = 2…

4.Breeding Cooldown Time

In order to control the circulation supply of alpacas on the market and maintain the value of alpacas. We design a long Cooldown time for breeding. The Cooldown time of breeding is 11 hours for the first time,then 22 hours afterwards.


A child alpaca’s appearance and Charisma is effected by it’s parents. This means that parent alpaca’s with higher Charisma value is more likely to breed a child alpaca with higher Charisma value. So, be careful when you choose the alpaca to breed with. Charisma value of child alpaca may be even higher than its parents’.

At the End

Thanks for the reading. Now you’re already an Alpaca Master. And we’ll see you in the world of CryptoAlpaca.

Click: CryptoAlpaca — Redpaper for more details

In order to grow the eco-system of CryptoAlpaca, we guarantee that the Total Wool (TW) generated everyday is larger than 1ETH. If not, we’ll contribute to make it happen.

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