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On May 4th, 2016, a Server located at Trump Tower began connecting to an Alfa Bank server

@TeaPainUSA published an article called Debunking Trump Tower’s Alfa Bank Server Scandal “Explanation”. The article notes that

“From May 4 until September 23, 2016, a Trump Tower server mysteriously transmitted data to Russia’s Alfa Bank.”

Here is a screenshot of a table made by @TeaPainUSA showing the data traffic schedule for Trump Tower to Alfa Bank data flows:

May 4th, 2016 was the day after the Indiana Primary, about when Giles Parscale first started integrating Cambridge Analytica data.

A few weeks back, I wrote Grand Theory — Supp.1, which supplemented an article by Louise Mensch.

Quoting an important article form Bloomberg Businessweek, Supp.1 notes that immediately after the Indiana primary, Giles Parscale began integrating Cambridge Analytica data and started its growth from a two-person DIY operation with no data mining or politics experience to a 100 person big-data-driven election-winning machine:

Citing a Washington Post article from October 27, 2016, Supp.1 quotes Brad Scale as saying he had never heard of Cambridge Analytica until they cold called him. Right….

It seems that many parties and activities of interest to the TrumpRussia research start to emerge in the late April/early May 2016 time period.


Alfa Bank is an important, but not fully understood conduit.

Supp.2 attempts to build on TeaPain, Louise Mensch, et al’s work by providing a look into some Alfa Bank deals from 2008.

In addition to developing relationships with US-based tech companies, Alfa Bank peeps seem to have been busy cultivating relationships with politicos in 2008 and beyond. For example, weeks ago I dug up some interesting info while perusing some 2008 reading material from Alfa Bank (see page 8):

Just the other day, I resumed some Alfa digging and found this gem in a 2013 NY Daily News article about Heritage Action, a lobbying firm with ties to the Heritage Foundation and the Koch brothers, and its founder, Michael Needham. The article notes that Needham was a speechwriter for Giuliani’s failed presidential bid in 2008.

The most interesting part of the NY Daily News article is that there seems to be some mystery over who might be Heritage Action’s biggest donor (at least back when it was written). It is not the Koch Bros who gave the 501(c)(4) $500,000. The author of the Daily News article leaves the mystery open, but invites speculation when transitioning the piece to a brief summary of a 2013 breakfast he had in a swanky Washington D.C. hotel:

You might remember that Mikhail Fridman is the head of Alfa Bank.

Similar to a recently published article quoting a former MI6 agent indicating that Trump took a bailout from Russia in 2008, Russia purportedly and coincidentally also bailed out Fridman’s Alfa Group in 2008.

Hmmmmm . . . .

How does all this fit together?

It might be best left unstated for now, but there are plenty of dots coalescing around various data-points for the observing. Just check out Note 1 of Supp.2.

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