A Floating Idea

I don’t particularly like second drafts. Honestly, I don’t like first drafts either. I like floating ideas, which is a nice way of saying unfinished projects. I have a lot of them. The next project I will be attempting is a daily exercise in storytelling.

I’ll start with one post, a totally new story, and I will add to that story every day for a year. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! That will be kind of difficult for me, so I’m not making any promises. Once a day might turn into every other day, once a week or maybe once a month. After a year, we’ll see if I reached the ending or not.

The point is that I’ll put the story out there — right away — because I like instant gratification… or instant humiliation, whichever ends up happening. Look, I’d rather people enjoy it or hate it now than later. I’ll write maybe 300, 700 or 50 words. Whatever comes out that day. I’ll make a few proofreading changes, and then I’ll hit send. Ideally, each post will build on each other to create a cohesive story, but I can’t guarantee that. All I guarantee is… nothing. Seriously, I can’t guarantee anything.

I hope you join me for this ride, and I do hope I can provide some type of ride. If not, I apologize in advance.

Last thing, the genre will be science fiction.

Feel free to leave a comment below!