Mercury, Passage Six

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Deep in the ancient jungle, one of the Coalition’s prisons was hidden behind layers of blue-colored trees and shrubbery. The building was an abandoned military base first built by the conquered nation of Nobatti. As the Coalition overthrew more governments, they needed more places to house their captives. With the addition of each prison, the surveillance at each location weakened. For this reason, among others, Mercury escaped successfully.

She was not the only prisoner in recent days to manage an effective getaway. The abandoned Nobatti military base was developing a reputation for having lax security, and the word reached to the highest level of the Coalition.

The warden of the prison had an olive-green pigment to his rough skin, and his nose dangled over his mouth. He also had rolls of fat that cascaded from his neck down to his ankles. He was not of the human species, but his people had lived on the planet for almost as long as any other being. Hunched over his desk, he devoured a plate of meat without the use of silverware. He belched loudly after finishing his meal, and leaned back on his worn leather chair. He was the king of that castle.

As soon as he felt his mind drift away into slumber, the office door burst open.

“Now, who thinks they can come in here…” the warden started, and then he saw the being who had just busted the door open.

“Your superior,” the figure swept through the threshold with sinister grace.

She was covered, head to toe in golden armor, and a crimson cape flowed behind her. She spoke with a deep, electronic effervescence that could send chills down the spine of any gladiator. A trio of Rouxbodi soldiers followed her into the warden’s office with guns at the ready.

“How many prisoners have escaped?” she asked, looking at the warden. Her helmet covered her face, but he knew she was staring directly into his soul.

“A few, over the past couple weeks,” he mumbled. “No one that important, really, just a few — ”

“A few too many,” she interrupted.

“Of course, I’m sorry this happened, your grace,” the warden attempted an apology.

“Words… you have spoken too many, already,” she ended the conversation.

The golden-armored woman lifted her hand toward the warden, and an electric energy buzzed within the room. The light dimmed although no cloud passed over the sun, and a ring of black electricity emerged from her hand. With a tiny flick of her wrist, the black ring zapped the warden. He convulsed in his chair for a few seconds and then collapsed.

“Find the missing prisoners,” she announced.

“Yes, your grace,” the three Rouxbodi soldiers nodded and exited the office.

The prison had just become the most dangerous place for any rebel. The Coalition’s leader, Au Rejine, had arrived.

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