Import Your Goods Into Medium

Whether you’re brand new to Medium or have been here since beta, you know that a blank page can be intimidating. Typing the first word that sparks that initial sentence can be elusive, and is often a barrier.

The good news is, you’ve already done that work!

We know many of you have valuable words laying dormant amongst the bygone blogs in the far corners of the internet, ready to explode with new life.

You can now import any of your writing into
Medium from anywhere on the internet.

If you click click your avatar in the top right corner, you will see the option to “Import a story.”

Click it and paste the URL of the page that has your writing into

Then, internet magic will grab all the words and images and deposit them into a brand-new Medium story, where you can take advantage of all our amazing formatting options to make your writing look better than ever.

  • Rearrange your images by right-clicking on them and saving them to your computer. You can then delete and reinsert them in the order or size you’d like, or maybe use an image grid!
  • Change the name of your story, and lay in a gorgeous title image.
  • Highlight selected passages and use our formatting options to mix up the size and layout of your text, or try out pull-quotes, centering, and more!
  • Plug into our network, and easily share your story with all your friends via email, Twitter, Facebook, and Medium.

We are aware that there are certain sites that won’t allow us to cleanly import your writing, and apologize for any difficulty you might have with them. If you need any assistance, please contact us at



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