ModulTrade Partners with Hu:toma ai to enable the first blockchain-based conversational commerce solution driven by AI

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ModulTrade Partners with Hu:toma ai

ModulTrade and Hu:toma ai will unite efforts for the development of a blockchain-based conversational commerce solution. With advanced machine learning, businesses can inexpensively set up a ready-to-go conversational webshop, with all the conversation patterns needed to provide a rich and engaging experience to their audience. Combined with escrow via smart contracts and blockchain-based certification of product authenticity, this solution will enable businesses to disrupt the way end customers interact with their brand.

The synthesis of Blockchain value add for commerce is available 👉 here.

  • To help solve this pain point, ModulTrade and Hu:toma ai are developing a solution on the MT Market where every business can inexpensively open a webshop while taking back control of their brand visibility, reaching an international scale of operation:
  • Thanks to Hu:toma’s AI, businesses will be able to engage end customers in conversational commerce, boosting sales and loyalty. All the conversation patterns needed to provide a rich and engaging experience to their audience will be automatically created and they will be able to establish a direct line with their community via messaging apps, like Telegram or Facebook Messenger. This will add value to every part of the customer journey, ranging from when a customer makes their first order to answering a product-related question instantly.
  • By opening a webshop on ModulTrade’s MT Market, businesses can gain visibility in multiple geographies to new potential customers with a high propensity to spend, as well as experiment with innovation and with high technological skills by engaging new blockchain communities. Furthermore, blockchain-based certification of authenticity and supply chain tracking act as an affordable way to reposition their brands.
  • In addition, on ModulTrade’s blockchain-based platform, businesses will be able to manage trade-related risks at a lower cost with smart-contract escrow services and blockchain-based certification of goods authenticity — for example, overall sales fees on the MT Market are about 1–4.5% vis-a-vis 8–20% of traditional marketplaces.
  • Minimize sales costs while establishing a 1:1 relationship with every end customer, adding value to every part of their purchasing process with AI-driven conversational marketing and commerce (chatbots).
  • Protect their brand and communicate its value to the end customers directly with a blockchain-based certification of authenticity, ultimately improving product pricing.

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