NEM Ukraine and Ukrainian Philantropic Market need Cryptoheroes

  1. Anyone can donate in XEM cryptocurrency to wallet. In exchange for the donation, person receives equivalent quantity of a token (mosaic) of the charity:cryptohero project which confirms participation in the project and reflects the cryptohero’s contribution in a blockchain.
  2. The wallet is multisigned and transfer of funds from is possible only with the consent of four of five participants.
  3. At the end of term of funds collecting transaction will be initiated, signed by and funds will be transferred to the Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange KUNA.
  4. The cryptocurrency XEM will be converted at the current exchange rate into hryvnia (UAH) and brought to the settlement account of the Ukrainian Philantropic Market.
  5. Ukrainian Philantropic Market disposes of means according to the project purpose.
  6. All related documents, consignment notes, contracts, accounts are, etc. will be certified by Apostille service
  7. Documents will be available on OpenApostille resource.
  8. Final stage of the project — transfer of gifts to children to the children’s family type oncological center Dacha.



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NEM Ukraine community blog

NEM Ukraine community blog


NEM is an open-source, developer-friendly smart assets blockchain platform for businesses launched early 2015.