Development Update: October 2022

Refreshing the format

  • VC: Venture investments in Web3 gaming startups
  • Product: Internally developed Web3 products
  • Gaming: eSports, content creation and player management

In depth updates






  • Most Perion portfolio games remain in a strong position, building and pushing great product through the market downturn
  • Perion DAO has taken 1 new position: Upside DAO
  • New deal flow remains relatively slow, though this is to be expected in current market conditions


  • The wagering product development is close to complete; first looks, licensing, and beta testing are fast approaching
  • Business development and partnership sourcing has begun for drop platform 02_STATE
  • Web update UI/UX planning via wireframes has begun in earnest


  • Focus on Web3 eSports tournaments
  • Tournament prize pools continue to grow reaching 5–6 figure amounts
  • Cultural landscape developing

TL;DR: DAO development and growth


  • Governance closed beta being rolled out


  • 1 x Solidity developer
  • 1 x Marketing lead
  • Final stage Head of marketing / Data scientist interviews


  • Discord user journey improvement continues
  • Member engagement up 14% MoM,
  • Minutes spent in voice chat up 96% to 6565 minutes
  • Number of people that communicate upon joining the server is up by 85%



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