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We have officially launched our generative Planet Minting page! Planet Genesis Mintpass Holders now have the opportunity to mint their Planet NFTs, and use Planet Catalyst NFTs to shape Planet traits and add a personal stamp to their in-game Phantom Galaxies property. Detailed instructions are available in the FAQ section below.

Planet NFTs are a pivotal game asset with distinctive in-game traits and utility that influence the balancing of in-game resources, and crucially allow holders to earn an ASTRAFER emission. You can now mint your generative Planet NFT at any time (there are no time restrictions for this mint) — but note that the assigned Phantom Catalyst NFTs and the relevant mintpass will be burned together at that time of minting.

Planet Catalysts have been airdropped to owners of specific NFTs and NFT sets, and will also be attainable through special means such as competitions and in-game quest completion. Check out our detailed breakdown of the different Planet Catalyst NFTs and the traits they will influence.

Planet Minting FAQ

How do I mint a Planet?

On the webpage, you can mint a Planet using either the “Batch Mint” or “Add Catalyst” options.

When using Batch Mint, you can add up to one hundred (100) of your Planet Mintpass NFTs by clicking the plus (“+”) button. There are no restrictions around minting Planets of the same or different sizes at the same time. However, while using the Batch Mint mode, you can NOT add any Catalyst NFTs to the Planets, so they will all be assigned random traits.

For the “Batch Mint” option:

  1. Add one or multiple owned Planet Mintpass NFTs across all sizes of Planets by clicking the plus (“+”) button.

Note: No Catalysts can be applied using this method, and so random traits will be applied upon mint.

  1. Select the “Mint” button below.
  2. Complete the steps which appear in the checklist window — some steps only need to be followed once, so don’t worry if they already show as complete!

For influence over individual Planet NFTs, select the “Add Catalyst” option. While you can only burn one of your Planet Mintpass NFTs at a time using this method, it allows you to select one or more Catalyst NFTs to influence the traits of the Planet being minted. NOTE: You can only apply one trait per Catalyst category to each Planet you’re minting.

For the “Add Catalyst” option:

  1. Select one owned Planet Mintpass NFT — this will define the size of your minted Planet.
  2. Select the Catalyst category to apply to the Planet NFT — any Catalyst categories left blank will result in a random trait to be applied for that category.
  3. Select the trait to apply to the category.
    Note: Only one trait can be applied per Catalyst category.
  4. Select the “Mint” button below.
  5. Complete the steps which appear in the checklist window — some steps only need to be followed once, so don’t worry if they already show as complete!

For both options, once you have completed the checklist, you will receive your Planet NFT(s) in your wallet!

Note: The image and metadata of each Planet NFT take time to generate, and may not be visible immediately. Additionally, Celestial Bodies traits, such as Rings and Moons, will not be visually present on your NFT at the time of minting — they will however be recorded in the metadata of your NFT, and added soon in a visual NFT update.

For the more visual learners, the steps above are summarised here:

Why do Planets matter, and how do they impact gameplay?

Along with acting as in-game property where players can explore, develop and host visiting players, Planets provide an avenue to earn ASTRAFER over time, as seen previously in the Astrafite Rush event. In order to earn ASTRAFER from Planet emissions, players will first participate in the upcoming Ceres Quadrant: Recon Phase companion game (more details coming soon).

What are Planet traits, and how do Planet Catalyst NFTs influence them?

Traits will define distinct characteristics of your in-game Planets. The generative minting process will randomly assign traits, but by burning Planet Catalysts with your Planet Mintpasses you can influence this process.

There are five categories of trait and corresponding Planet Catalyst.

Explore categories and traits in more detail in our Planet Catalyst introduction article.

How are the random Planet traits generated?

This is an innovative aspect of the Planet mint we want to highlight: the secure randomness of the Planet generation ensures that nobody, not even any of us at Blowfish Studios, can control the traits any Planet is assigned. This is because we are using an on-chain random number generator (Chainlink VRF), which generates values at the moment a Planet is minted. This is done so that there will be a fair distribution of traits across Planets, with no chance for external influence or tampering.

Where can I get Planet Catalysts?

Planet Catalysts have been gifted to Planet Founder NFT holders, as well as those who have Complete Posters (Redeemed + Unredeemed) and Medals sets, as recorded by the Phantom Catalyst Airdrop snapshot and airdrop. You can view the exact allocation and breakdown by ownership in our previous Phantom Catalysts article!

If you aren’t eligible to receive a Phantom Catalyst through the airdrop and you want in on the action, keep an eye out on the secondary market.

Which network does the mint take place in?


What are the maximum Catalyst limits on a Planet?

Each individual Planet mint can use at most one of each category of Catalyst.

How do I know the mint is successful?

Once the minting checklist is completed, the mint success pop-up will appear. You can view all your minted Planets at any time on OpenSea!

Note: The image and metadata of each Planet NFT may not be visible immediately as it does take time to generate.

How long will Planet Minting last for?

There is no end date planned for the Planet mint — it will last until all Planet Mintpasses have been burned.

Note: All details are subject to change.



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