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4 min readSep 4, 2018

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Pool Office Manager and Stripe Guides:

1. Billing Overview

2. Connecting Stripe and Pool Office Manager

3. Creating and Sending Invoices

4. Capturing and Collecting Payments

5. Viewing Accounts Receivable in Stripe

6. Syncing Stripe with QuickBooks

7. Refunding a charge with Stripe


All Transactions from Stripe can be imported quickly into QuickBooks.

Notice: Importing does NOT create customer invoices in QuickBooks. Please view this guide, in addition to documentation from Stripe, for details on how Stripe will post to QuickBooks:

QuickBooks Online -

users can automate the transfer for QuickBooks Online using this tool

  1. Starting in QuickBooks Online, in the App tab, search for Stripe and Paypal sync — Business Payments

2. Install the app, Connect

3. Connect Stripe and proceed to sign-in to your stripe account

4. Select the Bank account in QuickBooks that stripe auto-deposits your funds into

5. Select any settings on how you would like the items posted

6. We track Sales tax in Pool Office Manager, so leave ‘Apply Taxes’ to Off

7. Process payments to Yes, if No the app won’t synchronize payouts

8. Import any existing transactions, to sync your QuickBooks to current, select Sync All

QuickBooks Desktop Users

  1. From your dashboard, select Settings then Data

2. Export to QuickBooks.

3. Choose the date range you wish to export, then select Export to IIF.

4. Now is the time to backup your QuickBooks. Please make a backup prior to importing. It helps to include a date on backups for future reference.

5. In QuickBooks Desktop, choose File> Utilities > Import > IIF Files

Browse for the file you exported from Stripe and continue.

You will receive a success message informing you the data has been imported.

6. Viewing your imported data, without changing the system defaults, will look like it does below.

Stripe Sales will be an income category. The customer emails will display the total invoice amount by customer. Details such as exact items sold will not be visible in QuickBooks.

Fees will be itemized and visible for each transaction.

Try starting with 1 or 2 transactions to see how Stripe and QuickBooks interact.

Stripe by defauly deposits the funds into your Stripe checking Account. When verifying the deposits have been made in your company account, you can modify those deposits to be made into your actually company account versus the stripe checking account

Original — When viewing the Stripe Checking Account, this shows the net deposits into your bank account.

By opening the transaction, you can select the correct account the funds were deposited into:

The below table explains all of the Stripe accounts that are used:

For more details:

Recording Manual Payments

If you have manually changed an invoice status to Paid these transactions will not be included in the above transfer to your QuickBooks, and will need to be manually recorded.

To view the invoices manually marked as Paid, navigate to:

Settings > Edit Company > Billing Info

Run a report for the desired date range and Export

In the report, in the InvoiceStatus column, you can view which invoices were manually paid:

You can sort or filter to isolate the manual payments, then in the account where you deposited the money, you can record the transaction with the Account name as the customer name/email, and the amount

Sales Tax

Sales tax reports can be viewed through Settings > Edit Company > Billing Info

Select the dates and view the report:

For an itemized report, select the Export button

To record in QuickBooks, you will need to deduct the sales tax from your Sales account.

For example, if on a cash basis, our taxable receipts total $2.70. We would record the sales tax in QuickBooks, paid from the account used.



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