Too hot for this sh*t

The ups and downs of Summer running…

My running friends seem to fit into two camps at the moment: those who love to run in the sun, and those who flippin’ hate it.

I’ve always put myself in the latter…Summer and me do not go…

Changing focus.

Runnerbird Update: I am tired and uncomfortable.

It’s been five weeks since my mega 40 mile marathon, the Coventry Way. I promised a part two to my race report, but the words haven’t come and I hate to force my writing.

One of my spring goals: run through a lovely yellowy field. Like this one I ran through near Stanwick Lakes

I took a week off running and…

“It was like a 40 mile Tough Mudder…”

Race Review: A Coventry Way

If you CBA reading this whole tale then the short version is: Yes, I finished. 40 miles of mud and swearing, to be rewarded with a cloth patch and a potato.

2018 was going to be the…

The importance of a mantra. Or a really good song. Or giving up and drinking tea.

Tips to get you through those long runs

I found myself saying to somebody this week, a new runner with pre Parkrun nerves, that your legs will never let you down.

I am so…

The truth about the menopause in your 30’s

It’s not sexy, but it’s the truth.

This is the article I wish existed when I went into a surgical menopause 8 months ago, after my hysterectomy.

Recap — my surgery was due to a high risk of ovarian cancer. It wasn’t…

“Enjoy the planet through your trainers.”

Guest post: Running on the Move by Lisa Jay

I was quite honoured when Lou asked me to do a guest blog post, not because I’m an amazing athlete wining trophies every week (only occasionally on Strava!) …

The importance of talking shit

Race review: Big Bear Challenge

Spoiler: I ran my second marathon yesterday. On a Thursday.

Rewind: by some miracle of diaries aligning and a refusal to let Christmas stodge podge takeover, and despite a full agenda of work, parties and piss ups, Lisa and I…


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