Running a 360VR company is fun but slow if you aren’t developing a game.

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by : Zen

I’ve been the VR industry for nearly 5 years. (the video industry for 15) I’ve been writing about, and researching immersion for 5yrs and have been focused on 360 content creation for the last 11 months. My company This Is Me in VR has over 250 experiences you can view in VR devices (some with navigation), we also have several app prototypes and innovations like our site BETA that may change how you surf the internet (through a Metaverse Portal for VR). Very cool stuff.

It takes passion, persistence and endurance to make it. Research and Development funds are starting to trickle into the VR industry. Current estimates of VR markets are consistently under-reported and underestimated. (with most going to games and not “other uses” like ours) This will change soon but will take some time.

Be passionate about the latest technologies but patient enough to wait (while explaining the technology and converting non-believers) . . Grow your business and patiently wait for the news media to tell the world the Breaking News.

Now, for those of you who grasp the implications of what VR and 360vr will do to our society. If you love experimenting with the technology, doing demos and chasing capital, this is a golden age, I personally love the challenge.

Good luck, have fun.

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