Audience Growth, Talks with Pros and Token Recognition: 8 News from TokenStars

Dear TokenStars Community,
In June our team was focused on product development, audience growth, negotiations with pro-athletes and token recognition by crypto community.
Here are the results of June and our further plans.


  1. Sports Predictions module (@TokenStars_Predictions_bot) was launched in the end of May! It is the 3rd platform Module which helps to drive up the organic demand for TEAM and ACE tokens.
  2. ✅ To increase the project’s recognition among sports fans and crypto audience, we have launched World Cup predictions Contest with special prize fund and PR announcements.

👍 We’re highly excited with the results of the Contest! Around ~3,000 users joined and made over 40,000+ predictions.

3. ✅ Reaching this numbers was impossible without your help: special referral program allowed to expand the community with 1,000+ new participants!

📈 As the number of @TokenStars_Predictions_bot active users grows, we decided to continue the predictions contests on a monthly basis.

4. ✅ We’re constantly working on signing new contracts with the professional athletes.
🎾 In May we have agreed on contract details with Marius Copil, ATP tennis player, and started his marketing promotion.

📡 Next week we will announce 2 more professional athletes, who started working with TokenStars. Stay tuned!


5. ✅ In June we have created new marketing activities, dedicated to the launch of Predictions module, with world-known sports stars.

  • NHL star Nikita Kucherov held an AMA session for TokenStars community.
  • World Cup champion Gianluca Zambrotta supported the launch of TokenStars Predictions Contest.


6. ✅ To promote TokenStars project, we have release new banner advertising.

Banner ads were launched as per plan via Google Display Network and via CPA networks in various regions: Asia, Europe, Australia, South America and particular countries in North America (Canada, Mexico) to attract new customers.

Also we have launched retargeting ads in Google Display Network to return users to the website. In total 2.406.233 users have seen ads only in GDN.

To expand the community in key regions we have done the following:

  • Launched banner ads to attract new audience to the website and the exchanges;
  • Launched ads on Facebook to grow our community on social media networks;
  • Run marketing activities for TokenStars Contest (referral program, email and push notification campaigns, posts on Social Networks and Telegram group).

7. ✅ The marketing activities and the launch of new Predictions module helped to increase the crypto audience interest — the trading volume on OKEx (ACE) and Bit-Z (TEAM) increased by 30% in the last month, despite the volatile period on crypto markets.

Regarding the 2nd trading contest on Bit-Z: the exchange advised us to postpone the campaign in June due to unfavorable market conditions.

We will launch the campaign when the market improves.

8. ✅ Please take a look at the new and revamped TokenStars website, designed to engage platform usage and increase TEAM & ACE tokens recognition.

Stay tuned — follow the project’s social media channels on: Facebook Twitter Telegram Medium LinkedIn Reddit or take a look at our videos on YouTube.