58-The Frontier of Dai, With Mariano Conti

Mariano Conti is an Argentine developer for MakerDAO. He works as the head of Oracles for the MakerDAO system, and receives his paycheck in Dai.

Mariano takes David and Christian though his experiences using crypto out of necessity, rather than speculation. David and Christian ask Mariano to compare using Bitcoin vs using Dai as a money for his own personal finances. We also discuss how Mariano leverages Ethereum applications such as DYDX to earn interest on his capital.

Mariano Conti on Twitter: @Nanexcool

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  • The state of Argentine finance
  • Using Bitcoin out of necessity, rather than out of speculation
  • Using Dai vs using Bitcoin for personal finance needs
  • Leveraging Ethereum’s open finance network to access personal finance services.
  • Oracles, multi-collateral Dai, and the future of MakerDAO

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