The Social Side of UTRUST

Oct 28, 2017 · 2 min read

UTRUST is a community which promotes transparency, trust and respect. We welcome change, we welcome openness, but most importantly, we welcome (YO)U.

As a team coming from different backgrounds and cultures, we are fortunate to have a likewise diverse, intelligent, and supportive community which inspires us every day and motivates us to deliver the best results possible.

The Hustle is real within every member of the team — everyone is determined and striving for excellence to Make a Change, achieve OUR revolution. And it’s not just within our team, it’s within the community too. No matter how small your input is, every share, every like, every feedback matters — together we can accomplish great things. Like great American activist, Martin Luther King Jr., once said:

“If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.”

At UTRUST we believe that communication is the key. Only by us understanding you and you understanding us, can we form a mutual bond which will lead to fruitful results. In other words, communicating with you directly allows not only for you to get important answers to your questions, but also helps us grow together and lets us to better understand our flaws, weaknesses, and strengths.

Together, we are extremely proud to be a mixture of multinational, talented, and forward-thinking individuals — all the different ideas and infinite enthusiasm — that’s what makes the clock tick!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s socialise:

The UTRUST ICO is now finished. For more information, have a look at UTRUST’s Whitepaper or get the latest updates on the UTRUST’s Website, Twitter (@UTRUST_Official), Facebook, Reddit, Telegram, or Discord.

— Arthur Zubkoff

I am free thinker, wannabe entrepreneur, and risk taker. Creative in design, following the innovation and celebrating the cutting edge. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain enthusiast @UTRUST & @Coinaware. Proud alumnus @UnivofStAndrews & @Newcastle University.

I write on Medium (@Arthur Zubkoff), but also share “interesting stuff” on Twitter. My travel stories are available on Instagram. Feel free to get in touch to make something awesome together —


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