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5 min readApr 29, 2018

We love Zclassic, with or without FORKS! Our commitment to Zclassic is not related to its price but to its REAL VALUE: privacy and financial freedom.

We are open to collaborate and cooperate with anyone who uses a common codebase from upstream Zcash and/or Zclassic, but only on the basis of making Zclassic code and network a stable staging ground for future development of zk-SNARK and zk-STARK technologies in the long run by valuable contribution, code review and rigorous testing.

With that being said, we would like to reiterate our previous statements that we DO NOT intend to fork Zclassic yet again after the Bitcoin Private fork. Other teams may, and will, fork Zclassic to create new cryptocurrencies, but that’s not us.

We are not connected with any person or party who desires to “fork” the Zclassic blockchain onto a new genesis block. We are not related to anyone who wishes to create a new coin based on ZCL.

Zclassic Community Edition (ZclassicCE) is the natural continuation of the good old Zclassic client code and network that we love and we are committed to support and stay compatible with the official implementation of the previous teams who developed Zclassic before us.

We have updated Zclassic code and bumped it up to version 1.0.14, which should be compatible with all previous versions of Zclassic.[1] We are planning to implement significant network upgrades and hardforks in the future (like #OverWinter or #Sapling) but we will only schedule this once we get the widespread support of the Zclassic community and all Zclassic stakeholders.[2] To coordinate a smooth upgrade, we will be in contact with miners and mining pools and all exchanges where Zclassic is listed, to make sure everyone is on board. We are committed to One Zclassic and One Zclassic Community. A rough draft of these recommendations and our proposed action plan is available here: http://bit.ly/ZclassicDevPlan

ZclassicCE is also working on a new user interface that is intuitive and has a fresh look based on the Electron Framework.[3] The new cross-platform UI will be the basis of a web wallet, mobile wallets, and new native clients for Windows, MacOS, and GNU/Linux distributions.

A live demo is working here: http://zcl.biorec.org.uk/Web/.
Our previous Medium article discusses the new ZCL Wallet: https://medium.com/@zclassicce/zcl-wallet-the-new-beginnings-ebf790d03f8f

Screenshot is below:

ZclassicCE Electron-based Wallet UI

The Rubicon

We have reached out to the entire Zclassic community to work together for Zclassic continuity, but from March 8th (when BTCP team announced The Future of Zclassic) until March 31st and April 1st (scheduled dates for decommissioning ZCL infrastructure), we have not encountered a single person or group of people who carried out any work on Zclassic, much less any endeavor to continue supporting it.

Therefore, the ZclassicCE Core Team have decided to come together and create a cohesive effort to do just that: make Zclassic great and robust.

We have created a community-hosted and volunteer-maintained Discord Server in parallel to the old official server that is no longer maintained. From its founding in March 10th, 2018 we have now reached almost 1,000 members in active discussion about Zclassic’s future. This served as a nexus for all lovers of Zclassic and created a ripple effect that grows up to this day.

In the absence of any official team, we have chosen to support the ZCL community in a voluntary capacity using any donations we receive to fund infrastructure. This will remain our position until the BTCP team makes an official announcement following the procedure they’ve set out. There’s a process that the BTCP team have put in place before any new official team for Zclassic can be announced, and you can read about it here: https://medium.com/@ZclassicCoin/the-future-of-zclassic-c2b3206c1233. We intend to submit our proposal on or before June 01, 2018 and the new official Zclassic Development Team will be announced in September.

With or without official recognition, we have decided to provide guidance and infrastructure to all ZCL users to prepare for the shutdown and decommissioning of vital official Zclassic resources last March 31 and April 01, and it is described in detail in a series of articles here:

ZCL Electrum Wallets continued to work despite the scheduled shutdown of the official Zclassic service, thanks to our volunteers, enthusiasts and benefactors. The community-provided ElectrumX Servers are live at electrum.zclassic.community using port 50002.

Electrum Wallet using community servers

Support for these new infrastructure was directly provided through Twitter, Discord, Reddit and Telegram. These extraordinary measures were initially unplanned because the said shutdown was not announced by the time the BTCP fork was finished; notice was only provided, less than a month before shutdown, on March 8th. These circumstances led to the temporary delay in our schedule for other work on Zclassic. We are a small team and precious time and resources was poured to throw in life support for those who rely on the Electrum Wallets to connect to the Zclassic network. As much as we promoted the use of Zclassic Full Nodes to help strengthen the network, some people do not have the luxury of time or hardware or network resources to synchronize a full node. Therefore we considered the community Electrum service vital during the coming transition period. We prioritize giving support to our fantastic ZCL community over winning the prize of BTCP recognition as the next official team. Our other works on ZCL promptly resumed only after ensuring ZCL users have continued network access to their funds through either a full node or the Electrum Light-Client Wallet.

We are working hard on our team’s entry for the Zclassic project proposal process and a detailed roadmap is on its way to being published soon.

Forks may come and go, but our love for Zclassic is steadfast. Whatever the future brings, we intend to see Zclassic grow and thrive under increasing competition to bring privacy and financial freedom to every user in the world. We are here to stay.

Thanks for your continued support for Zclassic!



[1] Version 1.0.14 Windows and GNU/Linux Binaries — https://github.com/ZclassicDev/zclassic/releases
[2] Zclassic community’s continuity plan — http://bit.ly/ZclassicDevPlan
[3] ZCL Wallet — The New Beginnings — https://medium.com/@zclassicce/zcl-wallet-the-new-beginnings-ebf790d03f8f


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