Colombian Mail Order Brides Guide

Ann Young
9 min readApr 4, 2024
Colombian Mail Order Brides

Colombia is one of those countries that became less popular regarding international marriages from 2010 to 2019. In particular, in 2010, 1,314 Colombians got married to American citizens and entered the US on a K-1 visa, but in 2019, there were only 1,014 new K-1 visa holders from Colombia.

Key facts about Colombian brides

  • Popular cities to find Colombian brides — Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Cartagena
  • Average age of brides — 23 years old
  • Best Colombian dating site — La Date
  • How to win Colombian women’s hearts — Show respect to their families, be kind, romantic and family-oriented
  • Average cost of Colombian brides — from $1600 to $4400

However, Colombia is still the 2nd top country in Latin America regarding the number of K-1 visa holders — only Brazil with 1,065 K-1 visa holders, is ahead of this country. It’s interesting that 1 out of 4 Colombian brides (26.1%) already have children when they enter the US which is one of the highest results in the world. So let’s learn more about these passionate ladies.

3 Top Dating Sites to Meet Colombian Women

Why choose Colombian women for marriage?

Colombian woman for marriage

There are many reasons why Colombian women are 100% worth dating. Here, we’ll list 6 of them (just 6 because an exhaustive list would probably be infinite). So here they come:

  • They are beautiful, feminine, and loving
  • Colombian brides make great wives and mothers
  • They are incredibly passionate, emotional, and sensitive
  • They are generally more family-centered than Westerners (Colombians have large families and support all the family members)
  • They are spontaneous and very romantic
  • Colombian women are typically pretty talkative, and positive, and they have a great sense of humor

Of course, these are just a few reasons why these girls are so popular, and we are sure that those lucky ones who date them can name even more reasons.

Why do Colombian brides seek Western men?

Still not sure why these ladies seek Western guys? Let’s take a look at the main reasons why Colombian brides sign up on international dating sites and meet Western men there.

  • American men make better husbands than Colombian guys. It’s not that all Colombian men are bad, of course, but they have several traits and qualities that make Colombian ladies start searching for a foreign partner. For example, it’s the Machismo culture that affects Latin American societies heavily, as a result, men are often considered superior to women in Latin America which obviously influences the way Latin men see gender roles and the way they behave with their women. Being confident and having power is ok, but not when it becomes toxic and leads to misogyny, violence, and aggression. American men, in turn, are generally calmer and more respectful which attracts a lot of Latinas.
  • The quality of life. Colombian brides are not gold-diggers, don’t get us wrong — they just want to get a better life and better opportunities for themselves and their future children. Western countries look like a perfect place to immigrate for thousands of young, educated, smart, and intelligent ladies from South America.
  • Love. Finally, finding true love is not as easy as many people think, which is why many Colombian women start to look for it overseas.

These are just common reasons, meaning your Colombian girlfriend might have a completely different one. So if you are interested in that, just ask her.

How to meet Colombian women for marriage?

Colombian bride

It’s not that difficult, actually. So here’s a short guide that will help you meet Colombian brides.

Step 1

Choose a trusted dating website. Read all the reviews and test the sites yourself. Pay special attention to the ID verification tool or video verification tool and to the quality of profiles.

Step 2

Buy some credits. Most legit sites are not 100% free to use, so you’ll need credits to be able to chat with girls.

Step 3

Chat with the ladies and use all the other messaging tools offered by a dating site. That will help you get to know the women you like and decide whether you want to see one in real life.

Step 4

Be respectful and don’t try to hide your real intentions. Basic politeness rules will help you conquer the heart of any Colombian woman.

Step 5

Follow basic safety rules. The main rule here is to avoid sending money or private info to the people you meet online.

Step 6

Meet them in person. If you don’t want your relationship to be online-only, you’ll have to go there sooner or later.

These are simple tips, but they do work, so make sure to try them.

How much does a Colombian mail order bride cost?

Getting a foreign wife is not free. So let’s talk about how much it actually costs to get a Colombian mail order bride.

  • Dating site subscription. First, you’ll need to pay for a dating site. Let’s look at La-Date and ColombiaLady, the top 2 dating services for Colombian women. LaDate, for example, offers 5 credit packages, but we highly recommend you purchase the largest one (in this case, you’ll save money because 1 credit will cost you less).

If you buy the largest package, you’ll need to pay $6 to send an email to a woman and $0.4 to spend 1 minute in a live chat with any lady on the site. As for the second website, the largest package costs $400, but the price range doesn’t differ that much — if you buy that package, you’ll pay $4 to send an email and $0.4 to spend 1 minute in a live chat.

  • Travel expenses. A flight to Colombia will cost around $200-$300 (round-trip flight).
  • Accommodation and food. A trip to Colombia will cost you around $800-$1,800 for 1 week (depending on your travel style). However, if you’re not going to rent a huge home and spend a lot of time in fancy restaurants, you’ll likely spend much less than $1,800.
  • Visa. If you’re going to bring your girlfriend to the US, you’ll need to pay for a K-1 visa ($2,025 for the visa and for the “Adjustment of status” form required to transfer to a green card).

Certainly, dates and gifts for your girlfriend are not included here because their prices depend solely on you. Thus, we cannot tell you exactly how much a Colombian bride will cost you.

6 examples of well-known Colombian celebrities

Here, you’ll find the 6 most popular and most beautiful female celebrities from Colombia. They are beautiful, successful, and gorgeous. Just take a look, and you’ll understand why everyone is so crazy about Colombian women!

  1. Sofia Vergara — a 40-year-old actress and model who worked with dozens of fashion companies and appeared in some popular American TV series and movies such as Four Brothers (2005).
  2. Karol G (Carolina Giraldo Navarro) — a Colombian Grammy-awarded singer from Medellin who is the most popular Colombian woman right now. Her Instagram page has more than 55,000,000 followers!
  3. Paula Garces. She’s a 48-year-old Colombian actress who lives in New York right now, but according to various sources, she was born in Medellin. Paula played in various TV series such as On My Block, CSI, Major Crimes, and others.
  4. Tuti Vargas — an Instagram blogger. She’s a fitness and yoga coach from Cali with more than 1,000,000 Instagram followers and she’s certainly one of the most popular and most beautiful Colombian celebrities of the new generation.
  5. Fanny Lu (Fanny Lucia Martinez Buenaventura) is a 49-year-old singer and songwriter who began her career in 1994 when she was 21. She’s one of the best and one of the most famous Latin pop singers whose career is still going pretty well!
  6. Shakira. We couldn’t miss Shakira, of course — she is the most famous Latin singer in the world, so it would be impossible not to add her to this list. Dozens of awards (from Billboard and MTV to Grammy and NRJ), and more than 140 million records sold since 2000 — even in 2022, Shakira is still the best-known Colombian woman.

Colombian women make great wives, they are beautiful, loyal, and incredibly passionate. But there’s also something else about them that attracts so many men from Western countries. We believe it’s their inner power and energy — the ladies on the list above are a perfect explanation of what we’re talking about.

Is it legal to buy a Colombian mail-order bride?

No, a man can’t buy a bride from Colombia or any other country. It’s illegal. However, men can find Latin brides on niche dating sites and marry them in a quite short time. How’s that possible?

Everything is rather simple. Contrary to common belief, a mail-order marriage isn’t just another type of arranged marriage. On mail-order bride sites, men and women meet and build genuine relationships. Partners also meet offline at least a few times before they get married.

The word “cost” is used frequently in this context, but it refers only to the cost of premium services on dating sites, trips, visas, etc. It has nothing to do with an actual purchase.

Is it possible to bring a Colombian wife to the US?

Yes, it’s absolutely possible. Moreover, over 800 Colombian citizens per year legally come to the US to get married. Americans who get married in Colombia and want their Colombian wives to get permanent residence file a petition for Alien Relatives.

Most prefer to get married in the US though, and in this case, a Colombian bride will need to apply for a K-1 visa. For her, the steps will be as follows:

  1. File an application after her American boyfriend files a petition for a foreign fiancée.
  2. Collect all the necessary documents and take medical exams.
  3. Collect evidence that her relationship with an American citizen is authentic and that the couple has met offline.
  4. Wait until her visa is approved.
  5. Get married within 90 days after she arrives in the United States.

Of course, though everything sounds rather simple, the process is complex and time-consuming. It takes a year on average to get a visa and get married, but if your documents meet the requirements and if your relationship is authentic, you have nothing to worry about.

How to communicate with a Colombian woman

On the one hand, any man can find a Colombian wife online rather easily. On the other hand, you need to build an emotional connection with someone online, and this person is from a completely different cultural environment.

It’s easier when you know some cultural clues, so I’m going to share some below:

  1. Being manly is okay. It’s sometimes even appreciated. But being manly doesn’t mean being rude, dominant, and abusive. You can offer help, choose a restaurant, and get her home. It’s rather about that.
  2. Show her you are the person she can rely on emotionally and financially. I’m not saying Colombian women are money-hungry, not at all. I’m rather talking about that feeling of safety so many singles from this country are seeking.
  3. Play it safe. Don’t believe all those stories about Colombian women’s hypersexuality. They’re more conservative than most people think.
  4. Show genuine interest in culture. That always gives you a serious advantage over all other foreign men.

Last but not least, don’t focus too much on the fact that she’s a Colombian. Focus on her individuality instead.


Colombian brides are definitely worth dating. They are passionate and really hot, feminine and emotional, they love dating American men, and they are often marriage-minded which is a perfect combination for those interested in a serious relationship.

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