Albanian Mail Order Brides Guide

Ann Young
4 min readApr 29, 2024
Albanian Mail Order Brides

Key facts about Albanian brides

  • Popular cities to find Albanian brides — Tirana, Berat, Durrës, Lushnjë
  • Average age of brides — 25 years old
  • Best Albanian dating site — SofiaDate
  • How to win Albanian women’s hearts — Be a gentleman and serious, show respect
  • Average cost of Albanian brides — $2250 — $4550

The number of Albanian mail order brides tripled between 2010 and 2019, going from 62 to 210 in one decade. At the same time, Albanian ladies remain the least likely to bring children from past marriages into American families, as less than 1% bring their kids along compared to 15% on average. If you want to learn more about Albanian dating and marriage opportunities, our research has all the answers you’re looking for.

3 Top Dating Sites to Find Albanian Women

  1. SofiaDate
  2. TheLuckyDate
  3. BravoDate

Why choose Albanian ladies for marriage?

Albanian woman for marriage

Albania hasn’t been on the US radar for long, so you might not be aware of the many advantages of marrying an Albanian woman. And that’s a shame because an average girl from Albania is:

  • Faithful. Traditional family values are in high regard, so Albanian women are unlikely to stray away from their husbands.
  • Dependable. Men are usually the heads of households in Albania, and their wives are always ready to stand by their sides to support their decisions and aspirations.
  • Hard-working. Albanian women do not complain; they take on responsibilities and tasks to support their families and achieve their goals.

And once you start searching for Albanian ladies, you’ll also notice how gorgeous, fun-loving, and passionate they are.

Why do Albanian brides seek American men?

Albanian women are just now discovering the benefits of international marriage, but they are known to look for:

  • Care and affection. Instead of dominating and hyper-masculine Albanian men, local girls wish for loving, lifelong relationships.
  • Respect and equality. Albanian men are often jealous and possessive while being unfaithful to their wives. So a loyal and respectful American husband is a dream come true for many Albanian girls.
  • Education and career options. Albanian women are often expected to stay at home or deal with household chores single-handedly while at the same time caring for kids. So international marriage provides them with broader opportunities for professional growth.

These generalizations may not apply to every Albanian woman you find on a dating site. But you can always learn more about her relationship goals and motivations as you start chatting.

How to find Albanian mail order brides?

Most international relationships that start online go through the same stages. So you’re likely to complete the following steps before you marry an Albanian girl:

Step 1

Sign up for a few online dating sites and test their main features to choose the best option for you.

Step 2

Experiment with search options to find a few Albanian mail order brides to date.

Step 3

Start a long-distance relationship via live chat, video calls, and gift exchanges.

Step 4

Arrange your visit to Albania to meet your girlfriend in person.

Step 5

Propose and help your Albanian fiance come to the US.

Step 6

Plan and host a wedding ceremony and reception.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to predict how long online courtship will take, but if you’re patient and persistent, your efforts will be rewarded.

How much does an Albanian mail order bride cost?

Based on our research, we’ve come up with four essential spending categories you’re likely to encounter in your search for an Albanian wife:

  • Dating site membership. The most cost-effective credit packages on JollyRomance and UkrainianBrides4you cost about $150 and $400, respectively, and can last you up to a month.
  • Two-week-long trip to Albania. While accommodation and entertainment will cost only about $1,300, the two-way airline tickets can add up to $800 to your expenses.
  • Visa and relocation charges. The combination of application filing fees, medical exam charges, and other required spending can add up to about $2,300 without immigration attorney fees.
  • Wedding planning expenses. Hosting a wedding ceremony and reception can cost you between $15,000 and $45,000 in the US, depending on the number of guests, venue, and your preferences.

Although some of these expenses are non-negotiable, you can lower your wedding ceremony and international travel costs if you make smart choices.

Expert’s verdict

The popularity of Albanian mail order brides has tripled over the past decade for a good reason. Beautiful, loyal, and hard-working girls make perfect wives and mothers for Americans. Luckily, you don’t have to invest in international travel if you’re curious about Albanian ladies. All you need is an online dating profile to see whether Albanian women might be right for you.

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