Brazilian Mail Order Brides Guide

Ann Young
5 min readApr 3, 2024
Brazilian Mail Order Brides

Brazilian ladies are getting ever-popular among Americans. The number of ladies entering the US on K-1 fiance visas doubled between 2010 and 2019, from 509 to 1,065. And 15% of those ladies brought their kids along to build international families on American soil.

Key facts about Brazilian brides

  • Popular cities to find Brazilian brides — Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Fortaleza
  • Average age of brides — 23 years old
  • Best Brazilian dating site — La Date
  • How to win Brazilian women’s hearts — Show respect for their culture and be romantic
  • Average cost of Brazilian brides — $1,800 — $6,100

So if you wish to add renowned Brazilian passion to your life, our advice will come in handy.

3 Top Dating Sites to Meet Brazilian Women

Why choose Brazilian girls for marriage?

Brazilian girl for marriage

Although generalizations are never 100% accurate, based on our research of Brazilian culture and character, we can assume that most women you’ll meet and date will be:

  • Passionate and affectionate. Public displays of affection, hugs, and kisses are the daily norm in Brazil, so you’ll never feel touch-started or neglected with a loving Latina woman in your home.
  • Loyal and devoted. While in America, 45% of all marriages end in divorce, the divorce rate in Brazil barely exceeds 20%, increasing your chances of a long-lasting union with a Brazilian lady.
  • Honest and direct. Although they hate saying no and prefer euphemisms in the early days of a relationship, established couples negotiate the terms of their arrangements honestly, so there’s no need for second-guessing.

If these are the qualities you seek in a wife, marrying a Brazilian woman should satisfy your craving for passion, loyalty, and honesty.

Why do Brazilian mail order brides seek American men?

Brazilian society is unique, from coffee drinking culture to an extremely laid-back attitude to time-keeping.

However, women are far more likely to experience the negative aspects of the local culture and more eager to make new lives for themselves. So when they seek American men, they hope to:

  • Get away from machismo culture. Although Brazilian ladies appreciate courtesy and men covering the date checks, many feel uneasy within traditional gender roles instilled by the overpowering macho culture.
  • Obtain freedom and independence. Many Brazilians live with their parents and extended families until marriage, so dating an American can be a chance to get out of the family home to experience the world.
  • Discover social and career opportunities. Although women have equal rights with men in Brazil, the US can offer more business and career options unavailable even in big Brazilian cities.

At the same time, many Brazilians consider Americans arrogant, so you’ll need to work extra hard to dispel potential biases and show just how caring and warm you can be.

How to get Brazilian women for marriage?

Brazilian mail order bride

Surprisingly, online dating moves through the same stages as any other relationship, though a few additional steps separate you from a happily married life.

You’ll need to:

Step 1

Research international dating sites geared towards marriage that Brazilian women frequently use.

Step 2

Choose the most suitable platform, create an attractive dating site profile, and verify it.

Step 3

Browse profiles of Brazilian singles and strike up conversations with potential matches.

Step 4

Develop a relationship with a couple of Brazilian ladies using the communication tools available.

Step 5

Arrange an in-person meeting within a few months of starting your long-distance relationship.

Step 6

Propose to your chosen lady and arrange her immigration to the US.

Step 7

Apply for a marriage license and plan and host a wedding ceremony.

There are no standards or expectations regarding the duration of each step, though it usually takes at least a few months to arrange an in-person meeting and a few more to go from there to a proposal.

How much does a Brazilian mail order bride cost?

The cost of dating a Brazilian woman isn’t much different from typical dating expenses, though your spending categories will shift significantly. We find it easier to think of the bottom line by dividing the essential costs into four groups:

  1. Dating site fees. The monthly spending will depend on the platform and your activity level. Suppose you purchase the biggest credit package once a month; you’ll get 750 credits for $149.99 on La-Date or 100 credits for $399 on ColombiaLady.
  2. Travel expenses. A two-week trip to Brazil will cost from $950 to $1900, with an additional $700 to $1,500 for airfare, depending on the destination, season, and lifestyle choices.
  3. Immigration fees. Visa application, adjustment of status, and other paperwork fees add up to around $2,300, but you need to budget extra for your Brazilian bride’s trip to the US and the shipping of her belongings.
  4. Wedding ceremony expenses. The average cost of the ceremony in Brazil is under $10,000 while hosting a wedding in the US will have a bottom line from $15,000 to $45,000. However, getting married in a city hall is always an option too.

Additional spending may crop up if you want your Brazilian girl to visit you at home or take two or more trips to her hometown before settling the move and wedding details.

Final thoughts

Passionate, loyal, and affectionate, Brazilian women are a treat to be around. So if you’re set on getting a Brazilian wife, we suggest learning more about Brazilian culture and signing up for one or two international dating sites, as they are extremely popular among local singles.

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