Dominican Mail Order Brides Guide

Ann Young
5 min readApr 8, 2024
Dominican Mail Order Bride

Even though Dominican women are more likely to bring their kids to America (over 25% vs. 15% on average), American men are as interested as ever in marrying them. The number of American/Dominican marriages went from 1058 in 2010 to 1270 in 2019, and the trend is likely to continue.

Key facts about Dominican brides

  • Popular cities to find Dominican brides — Santo Domingo, Santiago de los Caballeros
  • Average age of brides — 22 years old
  • Best Dominican dating site — La Date
  • How to win Dominican women’s hearts — Listen to them and be romantic
  • Average cost of Dominican brides — $3,650 — $5,950

So let’s look at what makes Dominican wives so alluring.

3 Top Dating Sites to Meet Dominican Women

Why choose Dominican ladies for marriage?

Dominican bride

Dominican women are very different as a result of the country’s unique location and history. But they still share a few similarities that make American men seek their hands in marriage. Wherever you run into a woman from the Dominican Republic, she’ll likely be:

  • Gorgeous. Their skin color may vary, but most Dominican women share generous curves that make them incredibly sexy regardless of their fashion choices.
  • Caring. Cooking is often considered the ultimate form of care in the Dominican Republic, though the local cuisine may seem a bit exotic at first.
  • Family-minded. Dominican women share strong ties to their extended families, love children, and instill the same dedication to familial ties within their kids.

And we probably don’t need to tell you just how passionate Dominican women are, as they share the trait with Latina ladies from neighboring countries.

Why do Dominican brides seek American men?

Dominican culture is steeped in machismo and inequality, so it’s no wonder so many Dominican women are looking for a chance at a better life with American men, whom they believe would bring:

  • Safety. Domestic abuse is too common in the Dominican Republic, and divorce is often frowned upon, so international marriage may seem like the only chance for Dominican women to avoid violence.
  • Equality. The deeply religious and traditional society instills submissive behavior in Dominican girls from an early age. And those unwilling to settle for the role hope to be on equal footing with American men.
  • Opportunities. Not only are Dominican girls expected to bow to the men, but they also lack opportunities for education and career development, while moving to the US provides them with both.

Of course, Dominican women also seek love, affection, care, and loyalty, like most family-minded women across the globe.

How to meet Dominican mail order brides for marriage?

meet Dominican mail order bride

Although there’s a chance you’ll meet the love of your life on your vacation in Punta Cana, online dating platforms can boost the likelihood of success. And it only takes a few steps to find your match:

Step 1

Create an attractive dating site account with good photos and a creative bio.

Step 2

Search for suitable Dominican women using filters or matching features.

Step 3

Narrow down your choice of Dominican brides and build a relationship with one or two.

Step 4

Set up a real-life date in the US or the Dominican Republic and spend a few days or weeks together.

Step 5

Propose and arrange your bride’s move and the shipping of her belongings.

Step 6

Get married within 90 days, according to the K-1 visa requirements.

Finding the right person among thousands of single Dominican ladies can be time-consuming, but if you’re patient, you’ll surely find a suitable partner.

How much does a Dominican mail order bride cost?

You won’t know the bottom line until after the wedding, but you can get an estimate by adding the four major spending categories, which include:

  1. Online dating site fees. Platforms like La-Date and ColombiaLady use credits to let you control your spending. And their most cost-effective packages provide 750 credits for $149.99 or 100 credits for $399, respectively. Both should last you a month if you keep your daily live chats under 15 minutes.
  2. IRL meeting expenses. Although the round-trip plane tickets would only cost $500, a two-week stay in the Dominican Republic would add around $3,000 to your expenses.
  3. Visa and relocation fees. The complete paperwork package for getting your Dominican bride a K-1 visa and adjusting her status after the wedding amounts to around $2,300. And you’ll need to pay extra to cover attorney fees (if necessary) and the shipping and airfare to bring your bride to the US.
  4. Wedding costs. The prices for weddings vary in different regions and countries. You’d have to spend around $12,000 to get married in Punta Cana, while in the US, the average cost of the ceremony and reception can reach $45,000.

There are many ways you can lower these rough estimates to fit your budget. For instance, using live chat instead of video chat on dating sites will help you stretch your credits further.

Final thoughts

Dominican women attract thousands of American men every year, as their passion, gorgeous curves, and affectionate nature are irresistible. And thanks to online dating platforms, you don’t need to wait for your next vacation to meet your soulmate.

You can sign up today and build a strong relationship with a Dominican girl before meeting in person and falling in love all over again.

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