European Mail Order Brides Guide

Ann Young
6 min readApr 26, 2024
European Mail Order Brides

Europe is one of the most popular regions when it comes to K-1 visas and international dating. Thus, in 2019, there were 6,900 K-1 visas issued to Europeans, which means 6,900 Americans married a European and brought them to the United States. It’s interesting that the number of mail order brides from Europe is constantly increasing. In fact, in 2010, only 5,296 were issued to Europeans.

Key facts about European brides:

  • Popular European mail order bride countries — France, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Italy
  • Average age of brides — 25 years old
  • Best European dating site — SofiaDate
  • How to win European women’s hearts — Treat European women with respect, be confident, and show interest in European culture
  • Average cost of European brides — $1800 — $3200

Another interesting fact here is that 9.1% of Europeans who get a K-1 visa also got a K-2 visa for their children, so we can safely say that 9 out of 100 European women who got married to American men already had children before the marriage. So let’s find out more about European brides.

3 Top Dating Sites to Find European Women

  1. SofiaDate
  2. TheLuckyDate
  3. BravoDate

Why choose European ladies for marriage?

European girl for marriage

First of all, let’s see why European women are so popular. We believe there are at least three major reasons why Americans want to date European brides, so here they are:

  • Europeans are very close to Americans in terms of their culture. This is a very important factor to consider because cultural barriers are a rather serious problem when it comes to international relationships, and with Europeans, especially Western Europeans, you won’t have to worry about this problem.
  • They are intelligent, smart, and educated. Yes, European ladies are probably not as emotional or fun as, say, Latin American women, but they are still incredibly interesting to talk to and you won’t get bored with them.
  • European brides speak English pretty well which solves the language barrier problem. Just like the cultural barrier, the language barrier is a very serious factor that may turn American men away from international dating. This problem is impossible to ignore if you’re planning to date Asian women or Latinas. With Europeans, however, it’s much easier — most of the ladies who use mail order bride sites are fluent English speakers.

Certainly, there are many more reasons why Americans seek European ladies, and the best way to find out those is to try dating these girls.

Why do European mail order brides seek American men?

There are many reasons that drive European brides, but here, we’ll talk about the top 3 most common ones.

  • Economic situation. This is especially true when we’re talking about Slavic countries and Balkan countries where the situation is certainly not that bright — low quality of life in these regions makes local women search for a foreign partner.
  • Many girls think it’s easier to find men with serious intentions in the US than in Europe. In some South European countries, men are not interested in a serious relationship until their 30s because they prefer having fun instead of tying the knot. In some Western European countries, men are not interested in a serious relationship until their 30s because they prefer building a career. A marriage-minded American man in his 30s, 40s, or 50s can be a great choice for European ladies in this situation.
  • American dream. We are all acquainted with the concept of the American dream, but a lot of Americans do not realize that Europeans want to live that American dream too. So needless to say that it’s another reason why European ladies want to marry Americans.

These are only the most common reasons, meaning your European girlfriend might have a different one, so if this question really bothers you, make sure to ask her that.

What European country to choose?

It’s up to you, of course. You can choose a South European country (Italy, Spain, and Portugal) if you want to find an emotional and passionate lady.

In case you’re interested in educated girls who have similar values to the ones American women have, you need to focus on Scandinavia and Western Europe (UK, Netherlands, or Germany).

Finally, if you are looking for a “traditional wife,” you need to focus on Central Europe and Slavic countries — women from these regions are generally more family-centered than the ladies from other parts of Europe.

How to get European women for marriage?

Here, we’ll explain how to find and meet a European bride. It’s quite simple, actually, so here we go.

Step 1

Choose a dating website and create a profile on it. It’s extremely important to choose a dating app with a good reputation and video/photo/ID verification to minimize the risks of getting scammed.

Step 2

Buy some credits or a premium subscription. The thing is, most of these sites aren’t free when it comes to messaging tools, so you’ll need a subscription.

Step 3

Start searching for ladies and chatting with them. Be respectful, fun, and interesting, as well as don’t try to play games or lie to them — these are the basic rules when it comes to European online dating.

Step 4

Meet them in person. To figure out whether a particular girl is the right choice for you, go on a real date with her and get to know her better.

These simple tips will help you accelerate your search for a European girlfriend, so make sure to remember those.

How much does a European mail order bride cost?

The process of dating a European bride is not that difficult. So, without going into detail, you meet her online, then you go to her country and meet her in real life, and if everything goes right, you two start dating. What you need to understand here is that you’ll need to pay for certain things at every stage of your relationship, so, here, we’ll talk about the prices in more detail.

  • Dating sites’ fees. First of all, you’ll have to buy credits on a dating site. Let’s take the two most popular European brides websites — JollyRomance and UkrainianBrides4you.

So let’s assume you are going to buy the largest credit package available on these sites ($150 for 750 credits on JollyRomance and $400 for 100 credits on UkrainianBrides4You). In this case, 1 credit will cost $0.2 on JollyRomance and $4 on the second website.

Sending 1 message costs 10/30 credits for the first and for each following message on JollyRomance, which is equal to $2/$6 for 1 message. Sending 1 message on UkrainianBrides4You costs 1 credit which is equal to $4. The live chat costs 2 credits per minute on JollyRomance ($0.4) and 0.1 credits per 1 minute on UkrainianBrides4You ($0.4).

  • Travel expenses. A flight to Paris will cost you $600-$900 and a flight to London will be around $600. At the same time, a hotel room will cost you around $150 per night, and you’ll also need to pay around $30-$50 per day for food.
  • Visa. The K-1 visa fee is $800 and you’ll also have to pay around $1,250 for a Green Card for your bride.

Apart from that, you will also spend some money on dates and gifts for your beloved, and those prices depend solely on you. So it’s hard to estimate the exact price of a European bride.


Europe is a large continent with 44 countries and more than 384 million women, so it’s impossible to describe all European women in one guide.

What I can say safely is that European ladies are definitely worth dating — they are interesting to talk to, fun, educated, beautiful, loyal, and most of them are fluent English speakers which makes it much easier to date them.

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