Puerto Rican Mail Order Brides Guide

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Puerto Rican Mail Order Brides

Puerto Rico is incredibly close to the US, but it would be wrong to deny that there are some cultural differences, too. They aren’t necessarily a bad thing, though.

Key facts about Puerto Rican brides

  • Popular cities to find Puerto Rican brides — San Juan, Bayamón, Ponce
  • Average age of brides — 25 years old
  • Best Puerto Rican dating site — La Date
  • How to win Puerto Rican women’s hearts — Be romantic and be respectful
  • Average cost of Puerto Rican brides — $6,000 — $8,400

Moreover, many Americans marry Puerto Rican women yearly. Do such marriages work, and how can a single American meet a Puerto Rican girl without buying plane tickets? Find all the answers here.

3 Top Dating Sites to Meet Puerto Rican Women

  1. LaDate
  2. LatiDate
  3. LoveFort

Why choose Puerto Rican girls for marriage?

Puerto Rican girl for marriage

Puerto Rican girls remain some of the most popular Latin brides. As a result, thousands of men join dating sites to find a perfect Puerto Rican match, and the question is, what’s the key to success? Well, here are the things that usually attract men:

  • Passion and emotion go hand-in-hand with the ability to compromise. So, yes, though many people think that’s the stereotype, most (not all, of course) Latin women are emotional in a good way, and Puerto Ricans aren’t an exception to this rule. Nonetheless, these women are also known for their devotion to relationships and their ability to solve problems by compromising instead of initiating conflicts.
  • Traditional gender roles are still strong. Puerto Ricans aren’t submissive, and they don’t expect a man to dominate all the time. It’s just about a more classic distribution of gender roles and rather about some dating customs. There, women aren’t afraid to be feminine.
  • Happiness and easygoingness are the styles of life. Another thing that attracts men is the character of local women. They are friendly, funny, easy-going, and open-minded. Building a relationship with such a person is just so much easier and, yes, satisfying.

Of course, another important point we missed on the list is beauty. However, though it’s often one of the primary reasons why men join dating sites, it’s not the primary reason why marriages with Puerto Rican girls work — in the long run, personality traits and national character matter more.

Why do Puerto Rican brides seek Western men?

Some say it’s just about money or moving to one of the US states. But, in fact, there are other reasons why most Puerto Rican women marry Americans, and the most common ones are as follows:

  • The impact of Western culture. Yes, it’s popular, and it makes Westerners, especially Americans, more attractive in the eyes of local women, especially considering that the bond with the US is really strong.
  • Failure to start healthy relationships with local men. Social problems like domestic violence, alcohol abuse, or just machismo often become the reasons for divorce. Many Puerto Rican women believe they can avoid most of these problems if they start a relationship with someone from another country.
  • The desire for stability. Many women just want to raise their children with a loving man and in a stable country, so marriage with a foreigner is often seen as a win-win option.

As you can see, the reasons are simple. So, there’s demand and supply, but how do single Puerto Rican girls for marriage and dating Western men usually meet?

How to meet Puerto Rican women for marriage?

Of course, you can just go to Puerto Rico, but what if you live outside the US or don’t want to invest too much money in such trips? In this case, the algorithm is as follows:

Step 1

Find a good Puerto Rican dating site or a Puerto Rican mail order bride site.

Step 2

Complete your profile and let others know what exactly you are looking for on the platform.

Step 3

Communicate with ladies but focus only on the best matches.

Step 4

Start a long-distance relationship and then go to meet your bride in real life.

It’s that simple, and all you should do is make the right choices, especially at the stage of choosing an online dating site.

How much does a Puerto Rican mail order bride cost?

Contrary to popular belief, a modern mail order bride isn’t a woman for sale. It’s a woman who’s seeking a decent man abroad, no more and no less. However, it’s hard to say that meeting and marrying one of them is free, as a man is the one who pays for online dating and meetings in real life.

The price you’ll pay for credits/membership on mail order bride or dating sites depends on the policy of a particular platform. However, most premium services niche platforms that are worth using cost more or less the same.

For example, on La-Date, you’ll pay $0.20 per credit but will spend 10 credits on a 5-minute live chat session, while on ColombiaLady, it will cost you 0.5 credits (the cost of credit starts at $3.99). On both sites, you’ll spend around $100, so we can say that the cost of online dating services is around $1,200 a year.

So, let’s take a look at major expenditures:

  • Online dating — $1,200
  • 2 two-week trips to Puerto Rico — $6,000

So, the total cost of getting a bride is around $8,400.

Final thoughts

Puerto Ricans are some of the most popular brides, not only among Americans but also Canadians, Europeans, and Australians.

The best thing is, a man doesn’t have to go to the country (which is pretty expensive) to meet a woman there — modern online dating platforms can help you meet Puerto Rican singles and build a deep relationship online, so you only need to choose it carefully.

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