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Sometimes we want to show a “Loading indicator” to let the users know when a request is being processed. As suggested by this post, logic and markup should be placed on a top-level component to be reused by subsequent components.

| <Route path> | Component      | API call           |
| /tasks | <TaskList ...> | GET /api/tasks |
| /tasks/:id | <Task ...> | GET /api/tasks/:id |


Step by Step

  • Open Apple Health in iOS
  • Profile > Export Health Data
  • Unzip export_cda.xml file
  • Open Sundly > Sign in
  • Go to Settings > Click “Import CDA” button
  • Select file export_cda.xml

Code: https://glitch.com/edit/#!/trello-cards-velocity

App: https://trello-cards-velocity.glitch.me/


In this post I show how I built a serverless CMS/Blog system based entirely on free and modern PaaS services such as Airtable, Glitch (formerly Gomix, Hyperdev) & Surge.sh.

Ok, tell me more…

Lately I’ve been thinking how server code is becoming less and less relevant each day, and how everything you needed to code back in the day is now offered as a cloud service at your disposal, such as:

Meet Electron ⚛

  • No somos/tenemos desarrolladores backend
  • Aun no se ha decidido…

This is a pet-project I worked on during the Hack Week (July 13–15th) at eCareSoft. It emerged from a casual chat between Jorge Camargo and I discussing ways to achieve dynamic forms for different medical specialties at Nimbo X, while keeping it simple and easy to maintain.

Ben Orozco

Healthtech Hacker — Full Stack Dev — Open Source & Crypto Enthusiast — CTO 🌳 @HealthTreeNet — Previously @ecaresoft & @Nimbo_X

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