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Step by Step

  • Open Apple Health in iOS
  • Profile > Export Health Data
  • Unzip export_cda.xml file
  • Open Sundly > Sign in
  • Go to Settings > Click “Import CDA” button
  • Select file export_cda.xml

Code: https://glitch.com/edit/#!/trello-cards-velocity

App: https://trello-cards-velocity.glitch.me/


In this post I show how I built a serverless CMS/Blog system based entirely on free and modern PaaS services such as Airtable, Glitch (formerly Gomix, Hyperdev) & Surge.sh.

This is a pet-project I worked on during the Hack Week (July 13–15th) at eCareSoft. It emerged from a casual chat between Jorge Camargo and I discussing ways to achieve dynamic forms for different medical specialties at Nimbo X, while keeping it simple and easy to maintain.

Ben Orozco

Healthtech Hacker — Full Stack Dev — Open Source & Crypto Enthusiast — CTO 🌳 @HealthTreeNet — Previously @ecaresoft & @Nimbo_X

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