Jun 10 · 5 min read
  1. Visit the CSC Website after you’ve created an account, and then purchase Module Crates. These module crates contain 5 modules each that can be attached to your ships. They vary in size/utility/rarity/value (future post will discuss modules). There is also a small % chance of receiving a ship in each module.
  2. Visit the CSC Sale page on the Secondary Marketplace OpenSea and purchase a Ship with ETH. You can use OpenSea to sell/trade any modules/ships that you currently have from previous crate sales. Once you have purchased a ship from OpenSea, access your CSC account and you’ll see your ship there (it may take a few minutes for the transactions to confirm). To use the ship in the CSC Universe, you will be required to Check-In the Asset (This will require a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain)
  1. Download the latest version of the game using the standalone client for either Windows or Mac. The latest download link is in the CSC Discord. Please join the Discord here (it is worthwhile to join the Discord anyway). Once in the server, use the Bot command !download — This will then generate the latest Download of the game for both PC and MAC OS


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Blockchain gaming writer & analyst. Writing a “What is…” Blockchain Game Review Series & guides for CSC & Battle Racers. Also writing for CryptoAssault Medium.

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