CryptoLions Update — 2019 Q1

(中文/Chinese: CryptoLions更新 — 2019 第一季度)
русский/Russian: Отчет от CryptoLions — I-й квартал 2019)

Our last update was on January 8th. It included a re-launch of the Jungle Testnet 2, and demonstrating a new Maximum transactions per second of EOSIO software.

Here’s what CryptoLions has been doing since then:


  • A bug was discovered which allowed malicious users to limit the resource usage of some system accounts. This had the potential to interfere with block producers claiming rewards, and name auctions. We confirmed the bug, and later tested the patch in the Jungle Testnet together with other BPs. We proposed an msig resolution to the main net and it was adopted by 15/21. Transaction here.
  • More recently, we discovered a bug with the CDT (Contract Development Toolkit) compilation and ABI formation. We discovered it while working on Simple Assets — a standard and a contract for digital goods. (see below)

We’re currently working with core developers to fix it.


  • Assisting EOS Authority and others with REX testing.
  • At the request of B1 developers, we upgraded jungle testnet to test changes to claim reward.
  • Assisting with Lost Key Recovery testing, which is led by eosDAC, EOS Nation, Liberty Block, and EOS Nation.
  • We shut down our Classic History node on the Jungle, and switched to the Light History node from Grey Mass.
  • We continue to run a Mongo History, but are considering switching to Hyperion.


  • In January-February, our Main Net History node had enormous traffic, peaking at 800 requests per second.
  • Thank you to EOS Weekly, for acknowledging CryptoLions as one of only five Block Producers who run free public History API Nodes.
  • We continue to run a Mongo history node which consists of the Mongo DB plugin with the API we made for it: . The popular block explorer, once the main user of our history node, now only uses it for its RAM explorer.
  • We are syncing the Light History Plugin from Grey Mass, which only keeps recent chain history, and we are testing Hyperion from EOS Rio — so far we’re extremely impressed, and may switch to it from Mongo.


  • Optimized our CPUs:



Saving the best for last!

  • We launched Simple Assets, a free to use, open-source, standard for NonFungible and Fungilbe tokens. We think this is a great tool for EOS developers and will speed the creation of more awesome stuff.
  • Based on some great feedback from developers, we’ve had a busy tempo of up publishing updates. You can read the change logs in the Simple Assets Github. Updates included: fungible tokens, event notifications, renting of assets, and more.
  • We are planning to launch on the Mainnet next week. We expect an announcement from a major game project who’ll be selling starter packs using Simple Assets.


As we specified in our updated code of conduct, we will uphold our commitment to transparency by shortly publishing our Q1 financial disclosure. Follow us on Twitter and Steemit to see it.


CryptoLions is an EOS Block Producer based in Ukraine. We strive to make EOS more valuable by building projects that improve the ecosystem, by setting the standard for transparency and accountability, and by popularizing EOS all over the world.