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October 2018

Bohemian FC Celebrate Link To Bob Marley

September 2018

The First Cannabis Arrests In Ireland
Ireland And The 1925 Opium Convention

August 2018

Michael Donovan (1790–1876): Medical Cannabis Pioneer

July 2018

200% Increase In Irish Hemp Cultivation Since 2017
Hemp Shortages In Ireland During The 1940’s

June 2018

Historical Newspaper Articles

May 2018

Remembering Ireland’s Lost Medical Cannabis Activists
Hemp Research In Kerry In The 1960's

April 2018

Hemp and The First Transatlantic Telegraph Cable

March 2018:

Podcast Episode 1: George Sigerson

February 2018:

Teagasc Hemp Research From The 1990's

November 2017:

Growing Hemp And Tobacco In Co. Meath In The Early 1900’s

October 2017:

Hemp Growing In Limerick In The Twelfth Century

August 2017:

Hemp Submission For The Citizens’ Assembly

July 2017:

Visit To A Hemp Farm In Co. Meath
1997: Ming And The Cannabis Legalisation Party

June 2017:

Could Hemp Be Used For Biomass?
William Butler Yeats And Cannabis

May 2017:

Dr. George Sigerson’s Hemp Pamphlet
Chris Conrad And Mikki Norris In Ireland
Updates On My Hemp Petition Before A Dail Committee

April 2017:

Hempcrete Showcased At The Rediscovery Centre

February 2017:

Buying Russian Hemp During The War Of Independence

January 2017:

Growing Hemp In West Cork In The 1960s
Could Hemp Help With The Haulbowline Island Cleanup?

October 2016:

Cannabis News Network Reports On CBD In Ireland
Cannabis News Network Reports On Irish Hemp

September 2016:

Report On Irish Hemp Seed Oil From 1937
Joel Stanley’s Visit To The Dublin Hemp Museum

August 2016:

The 845 Year Old Hemp Cord In Dublin City Archives

July 2016:

Hemp Regulations Criticised By Michael Healy-Rae

June 2016:

Sir. William Brooke O’Shaughnessy: Medical Cannabis Pioneer

May 2016:

Hemp’s Revival In The USA
Hempflax: A Blueprint For Ireland?
Growing Hemp In Irish Bogs To Fight Napoleon Bonaparte
Hemp Quote About Robert Emmet and Irish Rebels

April 2016:

Hemp And The 1916 Rising

Dublin Hemp Museum

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