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and for your soccer team

Would you like to change your soccer team into a winning machine and that plays in a way your supporters love?

If you ACT TODAY, you will get a free diagnostic video of the system of play of your team valued at more than $350 USD.

A professional test where I will give you an external vision further afield than tactics and game strategy, with some key points to improve the dynamics of your organisation, FOR FREE!!

1. Detailed explanation of the present state of your team
2. Review of the collective strengths and weaknesses
3. Analysis of the threats and opportunities to improve
4. Identification and “in play” leadership control
5. Summary of implementable growth actions

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A professional video-analysis FREE FOR YOU! <valued at more than $350 USD>

In order to make a difference on the field and win cups, it is not only necessary to count on good tactics and good physical preparation. Collective leadership and human relationship management affect the performance on the field, and becoming one of the most important factors to be taken into account in order construct a winning team.

** In order to receive the diagnosis of your training you only have to send me a video with at least one half of a match of your team.

Upload the video to Youtube privately and send the link to this e-mail

*If you prefer a video-analysis of your direct opponent to know their main weak points, there is no problem. Send me the video of the other team with the word “rival” in the issue and I’ll send you back a full report.

Are you sure it was Messi’s fault?

This is a good example of a customized video-analysis that shows how the organisation of the system and the relationship between its members (not only the players) significantly influences the teams’ performance. Analysis of the Argentinian team’s way of playing shows why such an important player as Lionel Messi plays badly in this team. It also shows the consequences of the organisation of the system beyond the strictly sporting and shed light on how the system‘s dynamics unconsciously control the mindset and beliefs of supporters, even of a whole country.

(Video-analysis by Marcos Reina — caption in Spanish)

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You don’t have a video of your team?

Don’t worry. In this case I have prepared a written version of the diagnosis test which you can fill in by clicking on the following link. In a few days you will receive the result in your e-mail.

Do you need more information?

The diagnosis test of the system of play is one of the tools I use as part of my work methodology.

ENRIC SEGURA — Psychologist, specialising in the management and leadership of organisations and professional teams.

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With a background in psychology, business & media. Helping talented people to lead meaningful organisations

With a background in psychology, business & media. Helping talented people to lead meaningful organisations