User Experience Maturity Model

Hope you have a very simple idea on what user experience design is. Lets check where you are today and where you are headed, with regards to the user experience design.

According to UX maturity model by Renato Feijó, organizations are categorized in to six levels.

The User Experience Maturity Model by Renato Feijó

Unrecognized — User experience is not important, you deliver what you think is important.

Interested — UX is important, everyone starts to talk about it.

Invested — UX is very important and UXD activities emerge.

Committed — UX is critical and people are actively involved.

Engaged — UX is one of the key strategies of organization.

Embedded — UX is not discussed separately, it’s the fabric of the organization.

Its time to evaluate our-self and start climbing the ladder. Quality assurance, usability testing, ect are all part of user experience design. We need to conduct user research to check how best it is aligned with user experience.

Putting ourselves in users’ shoes would be a good start.

But it’s not everything, if you need to get the real picture, you need to interact with the real users.

If no user research is involved its not user experience design at all.