Successful Launch Stories on Product Hunt in 2014

Eric Willis
Dec 17, 2014 · 4 min read

EDIT: You can now find these at:

I’ve been collecting stories from startups who’ve published their Product Hunt launch details.

Instead of them just sitting in my bookmarks, I thought it would be a good idea to keep an updated list here just in case others were interested. Some founders have shared detailed analytics and other insights on their company blogs and other outlets. Interesting to get a picture of the types of sales figures, traffic stats, client leads, etc all driven by being featured on PH. Product Hunt is doing amazing things for startups!

Connect with me on twitter if you want your story added: @erictwillis

GIFbook, the first animated GIF flipbook

Product Hunt was a wake up call: Precursor

How Product Hunt Helped Jumpstart My App “Hey”

How Product Hunt helped us reach our $100k crowd funding goal in 10.5 hours

How Product Hunt helped us launch My Year Printed

How we launched Timeful on Product Hunt

This Is What Happens When Your Startup Is A Hit On Product Hunt

Levle: Anatomy of a Launch

The Crayon Launch & New Product Hunt Marketing Design Channel

How ProductHunt helped me go from “No-idea” to “Profitable” in 15 hours

Product Hunt: A Love Letter

How our side project generated $51,365 in 60 Days

“Doing” Product Hunt: 35 Comments Later

How we generated $13k of sales in 24hrs through Product Hunt

Famous Outfits: An overnight success

Can Product Hunt help your B2B product?

Shining in the Product Hunt Limelight: How Fittr benefitted from a feature on the Product Hunt website

How Remote Year Got Over 25k Sign-ups in 4 Weeks After Launching on Product Hunt

The Product Hunt Effect — 1,816 email subscribers in 6 days

Ugly Notes: Greetings cards for horrible people

Seeding Parable on Product Hunt

How Product Hunt increased our conversion by 4x

How I Got Over $2,000 in Orders for a Product I Didn’t Launch

How Did Get 100,000 Installations in 9 Months

Batch Start-up launch power: Product Hunt Vs. Hacker News Vs. TechCrunch

Final: Why We Launched Final on Product Hunt, Instead of a Traditional Press Blast

Bowery + Product Hunt Post-mortem

Launching on Product Hunt: How Openfolio launched straight to a like-minded community without traditional PR

MeetingHero: Our Product Hunt Experience

Decoy Digits: What it’s like to be featured on Product Hunt

How Product Hunt blew up

Socialist wins the day on Product Hunt

How I got my startup to #1 on Product Hunt

How Product Hunt Transformed from an Email to Friends Into a Startup in 3 Hours

Instanerd’s Product Hunt Story (280,000 pageviews in one day) What Product Hunt brought us in one day

The Marketing Effect of Launching on Product Hunt

Exversion hit the front page of Product Hunt

Effectiveness on a Startup Launch: Product Hunt vs Fast Company vs Gizmodo

Product Hunt: How Hidden Founders learned Russian

“The Product Hunt Aftermath” — what you might see after your product is featured on PH.

Femgineer: Getting hunted like a pro

The Product Hunt Effect: The story of launching an unfinished product

Bond: Thank you Product Hunt

The New Goto — Launching a Product on Product Hunt

How Product Hunt increased our conversion by 4x

Is Product Hunt the new product launch tool?

Introducing Button

Building Button with Best Practices

Subbly: 3 Ways Being Featured on Product Hunt Helped Launch Our Startup

Tales & Tours: Got Product Hunted: Now what?

Front App: Hacker News, Techcrunch and Product Hunt: which is most effective to launch your product?

MailCloud: What’s it like being on Product Hunt?

A Tale of Two Product Hunts

Lettuce’s First Launch

Why I sent a Tweet to every single Product Hunt upvoter

How I Got from Idea to Product Hunt in 4 Hours How Product Hunt helped us have our best day ever

Localfu: How Product Hunt kickstarted our company

The Product Hunt Hack: How To Target Early Adopters

The Product Hunt Factor How it helps in launching products and why it will continue to gain momentum

Killing 3 birds with one stone: Launching Kollecto

InstaTake and the short earthquake in the privacy debate

Kimd: Surfing the Product Hunt Effect

Socialsign: What impact can Product Hunt have your business?

What it’s Worth To Be Top 10 On Product Hunt

Launching Kibako

Fitbay has closed a $2 million round from a NY investor. Here’s how it came to be.

First 30 hours since we accidentally launched HelloVibe

Bunkr: The Product Hunt Effect

What it’s like to be listed on Product Hunt, twice

Product Hunt: Impressions

From “no man’s land” to the 1st stair step of our beta : The Product Hunt Effect

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