This weekend, I had a very specific challenge: I needed to create a Wordpress site from a CSV file, and apply a BeaverBuilder template to each of the pages.

While BeaverBuilder is a great plugin, there are some frustrating limitations. If you change a page template design, it does not…

A few days ago, I heard about an amendment to the “correctional housing” ordinance that required all facilities to be more than 1,000 feet from a school, park, or other correctional housing facility.

Correctional housing facilities are where people on parole can live with other people on parole. …

Check out the full map here (give it a minute to load)

In what is turning out to be the most colorful map I’ve built this year, here’s a Harris County early voting map plus census demographic data. This map includes:

  • 2016 results by early voting location
  • 2012 results by early voting location
  • Census tracts that are >50% Hispanic, according to 2010 Census data
  • Census tracts that are >50% African American, according to 2010 Census data

You can view the map here. Because of the new layers, the map weighs in at 25MB, so give it a moment to load.

Check out the 2012 vs. 2016 comparison here.

After I published yesterday’s map of turnout by early voting location, my friend Aziz asked an interesting question:

I couldn’t find the 2012 numbers either, so I emailed Stan Stanart, the Harris County Clerk:

Harris County Early Voting Turnout by Location

Early voting ended on Friday, and the county clerk published turnout numbers here.

I turned the PDF into a csv, geocoded the locations, and mapped the total turnout here.

For much richer and more informative Harris County election maps, follow Rebecca Elliott, Mike Morris, Steven David, and Kris Banks.

I looked at 2,505 tweets with the hashtag #IfIDoNothingElseTodayIWill. I thought this was an interesting dataset to learn more about word correlations.

To get a sense of what people are talking about, here are the word frequencies:

Some people are making lists:

Others are getting drunk:

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January Advisors & Sketch City

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