There is nothing like bath time!

As in any household with an active toddler our days are filled with things to do! We go to the park, pre-school, meet with friends, run errands, read books, learn new things, go to karate classes, make dinners …. phew and by the end of the day we are tired :) And maybe like in the most toddler households, our favorite part of the day is a bath time. It’s our time to try to re-connect and simply have some fun! And how exciting that we have a little help with it now, thanks to Jessica and Lacey who started Bubble Bath Box.

July Bubble Bath Box

Bubble Bath Box is a monthly subscription box for your baby and toddler that’s filled with fantastic bath products, toys and activities that you can do with your little one during the bath time. Just look above what we had received in our July Bubble Box: Nature’s Baby Shampoo and Body Wash, Zoku popsicle pop, Oilogic Essential Oil for the night time, Rainbow bubble bath, Bubbles and a super fun pull toy. I can tell you that the evening we tried the Bubble Bath Box, there were more laughs, giggles and bubbles than at our usual bath time. All of the body products were are hit! I especially liked the essential oil as it does have a soothing and pleasant smell that inspires zzzzzzs. And my little one went to sleep hugging her new toy.

Nature’s Baby Coconut Pineapple Shampoo and Body Wash

I think that Bubble Box also makes a great gift (you can select the frequency of shipping) for your new mommy friends who would for sure appreciate this well selected baby bath activities and products.

Rainbow Kids Bubble Bath

And tonight after my little one is asleep, I might use some of her Bubble Bath for my own Bubble Bath time :)

Would you like to try the Bubble Bath Box for free? Check out my Instagram giveaway :)