The Theory of Everything (The Arranged Love — Part 3)

With such intense message, (at least it felt that way, now it sounds ridiculous of-course), I was expecting some nurture and sympathy. In turn, I got this:

“Gopal! Certain things need time and patience. Why is there a hurry? I haven’t said anything to you so far! I was about to call you tomorrow morning for our next meet and I see your ‘highly­ self­ respected ­message’ here. I am sorry if I am speaking tough. But we are definitely going to have a meet again and this kind of messages would only strain or damage a relationship even before it develops.”

That was indeed tough and she was absolutely right. She is not a girly-girl, she grew up like a son. That confidence is just damn hot. She makes an absolute boss of a family. I fell for her more! Ok stop! Let’s just keep those romantic feelings aside and think of my current position!? I was confused. Should I feel good that we are meeting again or should I feel awful that I spoiled it even before it started. I kicked myself for not waiting a day more and corrected that rule about insane risks. Yes! they fail a lot of times and you need to be calculated.

Why does everything gets linked to Sleep? We invented all sorts of alarms that can wake-us-up, but none that can put us to sleep. I could feel all my weight pressed against my mattress, while my head felt heavier than the bum. I was stumbling on my bed, like a solider who’s got a war to fight the next day. Now, I understand why love and war are spoken side-by-side. But I already feel like a Loser. I took my earphones and walked on to the balcony. Thoughts, music, stars and sing-alongs…🌀

I stumbled upon a Shahrukh’s number in my playlist and recalled this one dialog he keeps repeating in the movie ‘Happy New Year’:

Zindagi har loser ko woh ek mauka zaroor deti hai … jis mein woh winner ban sakta hai (Life definitely gives every loser that one chance … in which he can become a winner)

There you go! You said it man! Let’s do this. All this pain, made me stronger, at-least that is what I told to myself. ‘Anything that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’, ‘obstacles don’t block the way, they are the way’… I kept saying all those irrelevant quotes to myself, doing mock boxing in-front of the mirror. ‘Don’t trouble the trouble. If you trouble the trouble, trouble troubles you. I am not the trouble , I am the truth…!!!’, shh!! Is that even remotely relevant. Just Go to bed! 🛌

I woke-up a badass!! Added some gel to my hair and pulled out a dark shirt with a Dragon on it. Put on the glasses and green shoes. Yeah! Here I come!! I was waiting at the same place we met before. I decided to be a macho today, not to deviate from that badass expression I practiced. My facial muscles got too stiff carrying the same expression, and I was trying to do some facial yoga interluded with yawning. Shockingly, she appears all of a sudden in-front of me! This is how I must have looked.

I expected her to be very serious that day, after all that happened the other night, but she had that large grin on her face. Totally unexpected!! I was working out all the possible theories for that, may be her account was hacked, or she must be her twin, or may be I was just hallucinating, or may be aliens must have reset yesterday and nothing ever happened. She broke my train-of-theories with a ‘Hi!’, loud and confident. I greeted back with a high-pitched, ‘Hï!’, exhaling all the air I inhaled a while ago yawning.

We started walking together into the NTR Gardens.

Her: “What’s up?”

Me: “Hey you know, whatever I do, I put my complete head into it, and I am not able to do so for the past couple of weeks, because I just could not get my head out of you!”, delivered all those lines I prepped, in rush.

Her: With a smug face, “Ew! That was cheesy! Can’t you hold that up for a while? We just started! Haven’t we!?”

Me: “Yup! Ya! I’m sorry! I was a bit hasty… Nice weather. Huh!”, pinching myself.

Her: “A bit hasty!? Tell me about it. You couldn’t even wait for one day.”

Me: “Oh come on! I waited for two weeks.”

Her: “Yeah! It’s just 2 weeks”

Me: “2 weeks for you. 14*24*60 minutes for me!”

She paused walking and gave me a gaze, with a tight-lipped smile. Boy! Don’t know where I got that line from, it gave me an entry pass!! 👍

Her: “Heard your song ‘yeduta nilichindi’, liked it very much. Sung very well”

Me: “Thanks and sorry! As you haven’t replied, I thought you don’t have any interest. Was that song too dramatic?”

Her: “Dramatic or not depends on how the other person takes it. Sorry, I didn’t know what to speak, before anything progresses. So kept mum. Please don’t mistake me!”

Me: “It’s ok! I was a little hurt with the way our conversation went”

Her: “My intention was not to hurt you. Just that I need time to think.”

Me: “Ya I understand. Just that I was in a state of confusion, as to anticipate our next meet or not.”

Her: “Hmm thanks for understanding..sorry if I had hurt you in anyway”

Me: “Hey no need of sorry, we cannot understand each other’s temperaments if we always speak sweet”

One more pause and gaze! 10 more points buddy 😃

Her: “Yeah! We should speak more controversial ones today”

We then discussed everything under the umbrella called ‘life’, our 26–27 years of experience, everything about how a family should be and our philosophies about marriage, everything about attitude and responsibilities, all those stories and achievements, habits and professions, from childhood to children to plan, from financials to who should pay the Internet bill. One heck of an evening that was!!!

To be Continued…The High Tide(The Arranged Love — Part 4)

Originally published at on February 14, 2018.



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