What is a Star in the GSTAR Ecosystem?

Mar 24, 2018 · 2 min read
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In the GSTAR Ecosystem, we call the trading systems that you create a ‘Star’. This is the foundation of that our Ecosystem is built on.

Experienced traders with successful trading strategies that they have in mind can create Stars in the Ecosystem by simply typing out their ideas in plain English. This is because the GSTAR Ecosystem comes with built in Natural Language Processing features that can turn human language into code. So if you have a plan that you think could work, but have no idea how to code, this is perfect for you. On top of this, our AI capabilities, can also help with optimizing your initial idea, and provide suggestions on how to improve it. To top it off, an even more powerful feature, called robustness testing, can help you predict if your Star can weather through the craziest potential financial storms.

After creating a Star, what’s next? In the GSTAR Ecosystem, we have a leaderboard of Stars. So if yours is performing well, you can lease it out to users of the Ecosystem and charge a fee. If you end up with multiple users interested, it can be a good way to monetise your trade ideas. If you like, you can even sell it away, and create new Stars.

As a user with little knowledge about trading systems, leasing a Star is a perfect way for you’re to start getting access to financial markets. Naturally, you’ll want to choose the most profitable looking Star on the leaderboard. However, do note that robustness scores and maximum drawdown are other key indicators to watch.

Excited? We have more coming! You can make your Stars potentially better by evolving them. Not really like how it works in Pokemon, but our systems will be crunching out millions of variables, back test all of them, to derive a suitable ‘offspring’ when you try and genetically combine 2 Stars.

You can find out more details in our white paper, or by visiting gstar.ai

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