Why I Started the Second Gumroad Store

how I create a passive income stream selling simple digital products

Hazel Paradise
3 min readNov 6, 2023


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First, find a method that suits you then repeat the formula twice! That’s two income streams with less effort.

I know you have heard a lot about Gumroad. I have been selling my Gumroad products for a year and a half. I never thought of selling books outside the marketplaces like Amazon KDP. Self-publishing platforms are still a good source of income. But after seeing awesome results from my favorite writers, I decided to try.

If I fail, I fail. I’ll learn and come up with a better plan next time.

Monetize Medium Account

There are many ways to monetize your Medium account. A few of them are —

  1. Medium Partner Program
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Sell your own products (I highly recommend this)
  4. Sponsor Ads (I got two, rejected one. I never approach any company.)
  5. Membership (Substack, Gumroad, Patreon)

Why I went with Gumroad —

The first time I heard it was through Medium/Twitter Writer. She was selling some coding books on Gumroad and made around $500 (don’t remember the exact number) within 2 weeks!

After using it for a while, there are some more points that I would like to highlight here.

  1. Gumroad is easy to use. I am a fan of minimalism. When you can do something for $5, never pay $50 for it. The amount seems very small. But remember that being an entrepreneur means there are a lot of tools, subscriptions, and hidden costs that we need to maintain. So always keep the cost low. You make $1000 per month but spend $400 on tools! Not good business.
  2. Gumroad has a Discover feature — this is just like marketplaces. It has millions of active buyers. I am a buyer myself. Still, I cannot say you will make a good amount from it. But you do get a little sale every now and then. Great for side hustlers.
  3. Gumroad has a clear pricing feature: a 10% flat fee. This is easy to see. If you make less than $3k per month, then the cost is less.
  4. Customer service is fast. A few weeks ago, I wasn’t able to log into one of my Gumroad accounts. I messaged customer service, and they replied within 6 hours with an accurate answer. Fast and easy reply.
  5. Sell whatever you want — any digital products — video, audio, ebooks, templates, and membership. There are more, but these are enough in case you want to start with minimal products.

Conclusion —

After seeing my results on my first Gumroad store, I started my second Gumroad store. Gumroad is just a platform that delivers your file and handles payments. But it removes a lot of burdens — Making a website, managing payments, managing digital products, sales analytics etc. Making a website or an eCommerce website is not easy. So I decided to go with a third party that would handle everything for me.

So there are more alternatives for Gumroad. But again, you do the marketing and make the products. So choose anything of your choice; it doesn’t matter.

I have decided to remain with Gumroad because never before have I directly sold anything to my audience and received payment within a matter of days! Never!

If you are interested in Gumroad Business then you can check out my ebook — Build Once, Sell Twice — How I Create & Sell Digital Products With Gumroad



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