A List of Australian Startups That You Should Know About (Part 8): 176–200

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This is an on-going list that I’m writing to help promote #startupaus. I hope you have enjoyed list one, two, three, four, five and six. I can’t believe that I have written about 200 startups in the last 8 weeks.

Important Mentions:

If you’re an Aussie start, get off your butt and support what’s going on here. And, please …. stop whining about TechSydney on the Facebook Group Sydney Startups. Instead of complaining, offer to help them instead. Become involved.

  1. SydStart: Australia’s largest tech conference. Get your tickets here.
  2. SouthStart: A little sparrow told me (not from Game of Thrones) that Robert Scoble is attending. All happening, June 8–9.

It is important to mention that there is no ranking system associated with any of these lists. Sometimes people might email me or I may discover these startups by chance. Whichever way — it has been compiled on the go.

For all of those that are in the Australian startup community, check out Paul Tower’s StartupSoda (Mattermark Daily for Australian tech news). It shows a quick daily snapshot of what’s going on here in Australian tech. Pretty cool!

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Here’s list 8— Introducing …

176. Qwilr: Turn your documents into winning webpages. Save time + win more work by replacing PDF proposals, quotes and presentations with interactive + mobile-friendly webpages that plug into your systems and are as easy to build and reuse as they are beautiful.

Website: https://qwilr.com/

Cofounders: Dylan Baskind and Mark Tanner

Email: help@qwilr.com

177. Autumn: Brings all your data together in a single view, allowing you to monitor, analyse, manage & control remotely.

Website: http://www.itisautumn.com

Founder: Andy Clark

Email: andy.clark@daiodo.com

Additional Remarks: The team has been based in the UK for quite some time and are now in the process of returning to Australia — yay!

178. Little Birdy: Earn points for checking-in, spending time in a venue, sharing your location and buying drinks. You can then redeem these points for drinks or other rewards by tapping your phone to the SmartBase.

Website: http://www.littlebirdynetwork.com/

On the Appstore: https://appsto.re/au/Aeuj6.i

Cofounders: Eoin Kirwan, Jack Haines and CodeFish-studio

HQ: Adelaide

Email: hello@littlebirdynetwork.com

179. Idea Spies: Inspiring clever ideas simply explained.

Website: http://www.ideaspies.com/

Founder: Lynn Wood

Email: lynn.wood@IdeaSpies.com

180. Thymos: Master your psychology. Control your emotions. Crush fear. The entrepreneurial life can be one of constant anxiety and doubt. Crush these emotions and instead live with focus, passion and discipline consistently.

Website: http://www.thymos.com.au/

Founder: Matthew Fitzpatrick

Email: matthew@thymos.com.au

181. Paw Metrics: World’s first implanted smart biosensor to monitor your pet’s health anytime, anywhere for peace of mind.

Website: http://www.pawmetrics.co.uk/

Founder: Ava Lawrence

Email: woof@pawmetrics.co.uk

Additional Remarks: Aussie team, based in the UK.

182. Flaunter: Where brands and media come together to create, connect, and collaborate. We offer a streamlined platform for brands to upload and organize their hi-resolution, media-ready content (photos, videos, documents and more!) and an easy-to-access system for media to follow, find, and download it. It’s visual file-sharing made simple, in a system that just works. Beautifully.

Website: http://www.flaunter.com/

Founder: Gaby Howard

Email: hello@flaunter.com

183. Shopping Links: A cost-effective influencer marketing platform that makes it easier for leading brands and top influencers to connect for the purposes of marketing collaborations.

Website: www.shoppinglinks.com

Founder & Managing Director: Kim Westwood

Email: hello@shoppinglinks.com

184. Codefish Studio: Great ideas mixed with passion and energy to create awesome projects.

Website: http://codefishstudio.com/

Cofounders: Jacopo Penzo, Simone Penzo, Chris Morley and Frederico Lucca.

Email: info@codefishstudio.com

185. Caternow: Feed your party, event, family gathering, function, corporate meeting, office lunch or wedding

Website: https://www.caternow.com.au/

Founder: Divyesh Amipara

Email: divyesh@caternow.com.au

186. Ento: Take the pain out of staff rostering, leave, time-sheets and payroll, using our powerful workforce management software.

Website: https://ento.com/

Managing Director: Aulay Macaulay

Email: contact@ento.com

187. The Young Employee: Empowering the next generation of employees. Created by young employees for young employees because we want to empower you to achieve your career ambitions, whether you’re trying to land that dream graduate role or your first part time job.

Website: http://theyoungemployee.com.au

Cofounders: Bethany Sweeney and Daniel Magner

Email: contact@theyoungemployee.com.au

188. Get The Goods: We’ve developed a self-assessment to help you identify immediate areas of improvement in your business. It’s a quick status check on the big areas of your business that we know make the difference between just being ‘good enough’, and knowing you’ve got the goods.

Website: http://getthegoods.com.au/

Founder: Unknown

Email: Unknown

189. StartupCopy: Free 30 minute Skype/ Google Hangouts consultation covering key messages for your startup.

Website: http://www.startupcopy.net/

Founder: Jason Berek-Lewis

Email: jasonbereklewis@gmail.com

190. 25 Fifteen: We build products that we understand the demand for. Collaborate with entrepreneurs to build companies that leverage their domain expertise. From time to time we make small seed investments into external companies. We do this primarily where the resources and strategic advice we bring are just as valuable as the capital.

Website: http://25fifteen.com/

Cofounders: Luke Carruthers and Kim Heras

Email: team@25fifteen.com

191. Rapporr: Skip the Small Talk. Structured Messaging for Busy Teams

Website: http://www.rapporr.com/

Cofounders: Peter Tippett and David Anstee

Email: conversations@rapporr.com

192. MoorMe: A better way to search for and compare marina berth pricing.

Website: http://www.moorme.com.au/

Founder: Brooke Hall

Email: hello@moorme.com.au

193. Oz Conveyancer: Find a Local Conveyancer.

Website: https://ozconveyancers.com.au/

National Manager: David Favretto

Email: https://ozconveyancers.com.au/contact/#

194. Sosocii: Your business allies. Comprehensive virtual administrative support.

Website: http://sosocii.com/

Creative Director: Ashley Iacono-Sosocii

Email: info@sosocii.com

195. HungryMate: We’ll flip the restaurant industry.

Website: http://www.hungrymate.co/en/

Cofounders: Ksenia Koval,

Contact: hello@hungrymate.co

196. Ivvy: Book Event Space Now. Search venues, compare prices, book dates & pay later.

Website: https://www.ivvy.com/

Founder: Lauren Hall

Email: sales@ivvy.com

197. The Sorrow: Risking everything might sound cool but we understand it can also be really fucking scary. This website is an experiment in preventative mental health for startup founders, by startup founders.

Website: http://www.thesorrow.co/

Founder: Unsure.

Email: Unsure.

Additional Remarks: If you know the founder of this site, please email me via: luke@ghacklabs.com so I can add it in : )

198. Top4: The new Australian social media business and brand directory.

Website: http://www.top4.com.au/

Founder: Michael Doyle

Email: michael@top4.com.au

199. The Social Collective: We run kickass workshops. Learn how to effortlessly start conversations with anyone.

Website: http://thesocialcollective.com.au/

Founder: Russ Ross

Email: russ@thesocialcollective.com.au

Additional Remarks: Check them out in StartupSmart.

200. PayPress: A refreshingly fast and easy way to get you press. It’s a reporter marketplace that let’s you pay reporters at over 50 publications to get your startup featured. Word on the street is — it’s in private beta & raising funding.

Website: http://www.paypress.co/

Founder: Has temporarily chosen to remain anonymous.

Additional Remarks: The team is currently upgrading their website & making changes. Stay tuned for more info.

If there are any startups on this list that would like any information changed, please email me via: luke@ghacklabs.com. And, if you are an Australian startup that would like to be featured on the next upcoming list — feel free to email me, and i’ll happily include you.

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