Montreal, the cosmopolitan city

Multicultural, heterogeneous, eccentric, and full of culture… Montreal is a cosmopolitan city situated at the intersection of tradition and modernity.

Forget tour guides and explore Montreal with the Swipecity mobile app. The buildings, the parks and the works of art of the metropolis all have countless and amazing stories to tell!

Swipecity offers you different predetermined routes in Montreal designed to make you experience the vision of its founders and the creativity of its architects and artists. Thanks to geolocated content, go off the beaten track and explore whimsically the neighbourhoods of this city.

Do you like history? What about architecture? Then go to the Old-Montreal.

Do you like to discover new art forms? Then follow our urban art route in the Plateau.

Be on the lookout! New routes will soon be added!

Number of routes: 2

Route Old-Montreal West on foot

Number of stations: 23

Distance: 2,5 km

Approximate travel time: 35–50 minutes

Language: French, English

Route Old-Montreal East on foot

Number of stations :16

Distance: 2,5 km

Approximate travel time: 30–45 minutes

Language: French, English