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Creating a product is a long and costly process. Hiring a team of developers for a large-scale project can cost tens of thousands of dollars per day. A correctly created design roadmap will answer crucial questions before starting the development and thus save a lot of time and money. When putting correctly, the questions, goals, formulated and tested hypotheses will help to achieve the desired results a lot quicker. …

Originally published on the Toptal Design Blog and edited by the Toptal editorial team.

80% of businesses fail in their first year, not because their products aren’t , but because nobody wants them, needs them, or asks for them. Businesses that don’t understand the needs of the market intimately, basing important design and business decisions on theories, can wind up with nothing more than wasted time and capital.

Being on the side of this statistic means designing a product that customers are willing to pay for, because it solves a critical problem that they’re experiencing. …



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