Everyone remembers the moment that the professor in college announces that you have to work on a team project. You begin eyeing the room to analyze which students you would be paired up with and deciding whether these people would carry their weight. Did you make it through the experience, of course you did. But there is a point when someone in your group decided to take charge and encourage the team to band together.

You need to hustle, hustle and hustle.

Similarly everyone brings something to the table in the workplace. Let’s take a look at some of the key characteristics of a successful teammate:

  • Active listener
  • Clear and concise communicator
  • Active participant
  • Flexible when challenges arise
  • Adapts to different environments
  • Owns their portion of the work
  • Ability to voice their opinion even if it goes against the grain.
  • Promotes the culture
  • Hustles

Don’t forget to challenge each other.

One challenge while working in a team environment is groupthink. If your team desires to become better in what they do (operations, product development, service, etc.) then you must eliminate this natural tendency to agree on everything. When I speak to entrepreneurs, founders and company leadership, I highly encourage them to evaluate their current talent pool internally and reflect on the skills that each member has. Additionally, as they are making hires they should focus on finding people with the right skill set that fits with their culture and their teams but also find people who think differently then them.

It is essential to be open to challenging each other in the workplace. Thus building a better team, culture and team environment.

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