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Raptoreum FAQ

- What is Raptoreum

Nov 22, 2018 · 3 min read

Raptoreum is a Ravencoin fork (code)created to add further flexibility to Assets with smart contracts, and enhance ASIC + FPGA resistance by creating our own algorithm called “GhostRider”. Masternodes have been added which are how smart contracts are handled and executed. Masternodes also run our 51% / double spend protection system named Prysm.

Raptoreum is a return to old-school ways, a grassroots, open-source community driven project adhering to the Cypherpunk Manifesto.

Mainnet is planned for August 2019.

Yes, this is something we constantly are working on developing more of, here is the current list:


No, smart contracts will need further development and testing post launch. They will be available roughly 6 months after mainnet launch if all goes well.

In a nutshell, no we should not see those same issues, this is why we have introduced Masternodes rather than building contracts into the blocks.

While we are a similar project to Ravencoin being an open-source community driven project, we do not have the large corporate financial backing that RVN does. For that reason we will be adding a small developers fee that will be used to fund development, marketing, exchanges and any other expenses that may need to be covered.

Developer fee helps with trust in knowing that we are not simply here to dump pre-mine and exit stage left. This style of funding also incentivizes the team. Should the project become self sustaining in regards to needed costs we will happily eliminate the fee.

No, they are completely separate projects.

Yes, it can be mined with your GPU as well as CPU, but eventually CPU most likely will not be worth it..

We are going down a different road then what the developers of Ravencoin would be willing to travel. We require Masternodes for smart contracts and Prysm which would not happen with Ravencoin.

We do not intend to try competing with Ravencoin, our addition of smart contracts will be attractive to developers such as for DAPPs as well as business and industry that requires the additional flexibility that our smart contracts system offers.

  1. ) This is a community project, there is no controlling entity.
  2. ) A major step towards centralization is identity, we encourage core members and developers to keep their real identity hidden.

This is a WIP and will be added and adjusted over the coming months. Want to see something added or have questions? Join us!




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