Raptoreum FAQ

- What is Raptoreum

Raptoreum is Ravencoin fork (code)created to add further flexibility to Assets with smart contracts, and enhance ASIC + FPGA resistance by creating our own algorithm. Masternodes have been added which are how smart contracts are handled and executed.

Raptoreum is a return to old-school ways, a grassroots, open-source community driven project adhering to the Cypherpunk Manifesto.

- When will Raptoreum launch?

There is no ETA at this time, but we hope to launch mainnet in the next 2–3 months from time of this writing (11/22/2018).

- Is there a pre-sale or pre-mine?

No pre-sale, but we may need to do a very small premine, just enough to setup the first two masternodes.

- Will smart contracts be available on launch?

No, smart contracts will need further development and testing post launch. They will be available roughly 6 months after mainnet launch if all goes well.

- Does adding smart contracts mean Raptoreum might have scaling issues like Ethereum?

In a nutshell, no we should not see those same issues, this is why we have introduced Masternodes rather than building contracts into the blocks.

- Why is there a developer fee AKA Founders Reward?

While we are a similar project to Ravencoin being an open-source community driven project, we do not have the large corporate financial backing that RVN does. For that reason we will be adding a small developers fee that will be used to fund development, marketing, exchanges and any other expenses that may need to be covered.

- Why developer fee and not a pre-mine?

Developer fee is more flexible and safer for everybody. What happens if the cold wallet holding the pre-mine is somehow compromised? With developer fee we can also turn it off in the future should we find the project sustaining itself and the fee is no longer required.

- Are Ravencoin assets and coins available on Raptoreums chain?

No, they are completely separate projects.

- Is Raptoreum mineable?

Yes, it can be mined with your GPU as well as CPU, but eventually CPU most likely will not be worth it..

- Why not just build on the Ravencoin chain?

Ravencoin has done a great job at making assets easy to create as well as transfer person <> person. For more complex transfers and automation such as what would be needed for DAPPs, more flexibility and power is needed. This is why we are forking and adding smart contracts, the additional flexibility and power unlocks massive potential for Raptoreum and assets.

- Are you competing with Ravencoin?

We do not intend to try competing with Ravencoin, our addition of smart contracts will be attractive to developers such as for DAPPs as well as business and industry that requires the additional flexibility that our smart contracts system offers.

- Will you “reveal” the team?

  1. ) This is a community project, there is no controlling entity.
  2. ) A major step towards centralization is identity, we encourage core members and developers to keep their real identity hidden.

This is a WIP and will be added and adjusted over the coming months. Want to see something added or have questions? Join us!

Discord: https://discord.gg/2T8xG7e

Telegram: https://t.me/raptoreumm

Twitter: https://twitter.com/raptoreum