KotoWars Alpha Season 8: Arena

May 2, 2019 · 2 min read

Hello our Pawesome friends!

Every other week we write about the new KotoWars’ features in the new seasons.
It is a short post about the current development of KotoWars. We are moving step-by-step and consistently adding new content.

As you could read in our latest post, now we are working on two major things: redesign of the interface and multiplayer. The redesign is in progress, but we added the first version of multiplayer mode in KotoWars. For now, two players can join the game and interact with each other via fighting with their kitties.

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Multiplayer rooms

Season 8: Arena

Arena is a place where two gangs meet for a fight. A player can join “the room” with another player or start their own. We plan to add private rooms protected with passwords a bit later.

In the season 8 players can fight only with their fighters kitties. So the decks that contains specialists are not available in the Arena mode.

We plan to add specialists to the next Season 9, so there will be more strategies and options in the battles. This season, we calculate the average server load of users’ battles. We are catching bugs and refactoring the code of the game and specialists in particular.

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KotoWars Stitches Invasion

Season 9 will be one of the turning points, where we will start to gather all KotoWars mechanics together. Besides balancing and improving the UI, we look at the progression system and users aims. It is closely intertwined with the economic system and the implementation of the blockchain aspects of the game.
We want players to customize their cryptokitties and show off to friends not only within the game but also on third-party platforms. The rules of obtaining these items should be clear and the players’ progress should be a fun pastime with the other cryptokitties players.

We made a video about current Arena system in previous post. Now it is available for all players. If you want to test it with your friends you need to download the client and assign your wallet to the created account.

KotoWars Team

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